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Where to stay in Taichung? Taichung is a beautiful city in central Taiwan, renowned for its rich culture, delectable cuisine, and stunning natural landscapes. If you’re looking to have a delightful stay in Taichung, choosing the right accommodation area is essential as different districts offer various features and advantages. In this article, we will introduce the top 5 accommodation areas in Taichung, allowing you to easily find your ideal place to stay.

Xitun District in Taichung

Xitun District boasts modern urban facilities and a commercial center, including large shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment venues. This allows residents to enjoy convenient shopping and leisure activities. The area is home to numerous renowned schools and universities, including Feng Chia University in Taichung, offering educational opportunities. Xitun District enjoys convenient transportation with a bus transfer station, making it easy for residents to travel to other cities.

  • Fengjia Night Market: This is one of the most famous night markets in Taichung, known for its variety of delicious food and shopping delights. You can savor a wide range of Taiwanese cuisine and find unique items to buy here.
  • National Taichung Theater: This theater is characterized by its flowing curves and spaces, creating a unique visual and auditory experience. National Taichung Theater is not only a venue for performing arts but also a platform for promoting cultural exchange and creative development.
  • CMP Block Museum of Arts: This is a creative space that combines art, culture, and daily life. CMP Block Museum of Arts hosts periodic exhibitions, events, and workshops, allowing you to appreciate different art pieces and engage in hands-on creativity.
Xitun District in Taichung

Central District in Taichung 

One of the advantages of the Central District is its location in the heart of Taichung City, with numerous shops, restaurants, night markets, and cultural venues nearby. This allows residents to easily enjoy city life. The area is home to many ancient historical buildings and cultural attractions, providing a rich cultural and historical experience. The Central District benefits from excellent transportation options, with a train station, bus stops, and highway access, making it convenient for residents to travel to other cities or regions.

  • Liuchuan Riverside Walk: This is a popular outdoor leisure destination with beautiful natural scenery and walking paths, allowing visitors to appreciate the beauty of nature. At night, the trail creates a romantic atmosphere with many lights adorning the path, making it an ideal spot for evening strolls.
  • Miyahara: Once the largest eye clinic in Taichung, it has now transformed into a culturally rich ice cream shop. Here, you can sample various flavors of ice cream while admiring the preserved historical architecture and eye care equipment within the shop.
  • Taiwan Sun Cake Museum: Here, you can learn about the origin, production process, and varieties of sun cakes. You can even make your own sun cake and savor its sweet taste.
Central District in Taichung

West District in Taichung

West District is the commercial and entertainment hub of Taichung, with numerous modern department stores and shopping centers, providing residents with a convenient urban lifestyle. The area also features plenty of green spaces and artistic attractions, such as the Calligraphy Greenway and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Whether you prefer what kind of activity, you can find a suitable place in West District.

  • Calligraphy Greenway: This leisurely walking path is located near the Taichung City Government and is lined with beautiful flowers on both sides, making it a great place for a stroll.
  • National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts: As one of Taiwan’s largest art museums, it showcases various art pieces, including Taiwanese modern art and international art exhibitions. Its architectural design itself is a work of art.
  • Shen Ji New Village: This is a historically significant Japanese-style dormitory area that has been transformed into a cultural and creative village, preserving a rich cultural heritage. Here, you can admire various architectural styles and vibrant murals and installation art.
West District in Taichung

East District in Taichung

East District is a food paradise, offering a wide variety of snacks and restaurants for you to savor the local flavors of Taichung. It serves as the cultural center of Taichung, featuring many historically significant buildings and museums. East District boasts modern residential areas, allowing residents to enjoy the convenience of contemporary urban living.

  • Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Taichung: This is a large shopping center located in the eastern district of Taichung, offering a diverse shopping experience and internationally renowned brands to meet the shopping and leisure needs of consumers.
  • Lecheng Temple: This is an ancient temple in the eastern district of Taichung, dedicated to the goddess Mazu, attracting numerous believers and visitors for worship and admiration of traditional architectural styles. Lecheng Temple follows the typical Chinese traditional temple architecture, featuring exquisite paintings and carvings.
East District in Taichung

North District in Taichung

One of the advantages of living in the North District is the relatively peaceful environment, with several beautiful parks and natural attractions, allowing residents to enjoy the tranquility of nature. The area is home to some renowned medical institutions and hospitals, providing convenient healthcare services. The North District benefits from convenient transportation, being close to major thoroughfares, making it easy to travel to other areas.

  • National Museum of Natural Science: This is one of the largest museums in Taiwan, showcasing a vast amount of natural history and scientific knowledge. It’s a family-friendly destination with interactive exhibits and learning opportunities.
  • Paochueh Temple: This is a historic Buddhist temple built during the Qing Dynasty’s Tongzhi era and is one of the oldest temples in Taichung City. Paochueh Temple boasts an elegant and intricate architectural style, and it houses many precious artifacts and Buddha statues, making it an important cultural asset in Taichung.
  • Taichung Park: Taichung Park is one of the earliest-established parks in Taichung, featuring attractions like lakes, pavilions, bridges, and gardens, making it a great leisure destination for the city’s residents.
North District in Taichung

Feng Jia 25 Hotel

Feng Jia 25 Hotel is located in Taichung’s Xitun District, with the vibrant Fengjia Night Market just a stone’s throw away. It’s also conveniently close to numerous renowned attractions and shopping districts. This allows you to easily savor Taichung’s culture and cuisine. Fengjia 25 Hotel features modern amenities including a fitness center, complimentary Wi-Fi, parking facilities, and laundry equipment, ensuring your stay is both comfortable and convenient.

  • Fengjia Night Market is located 900 meters from Feng Jia 25 Hotel.

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CHECK inn Select Taichung Dadun

CHECK inn Select Taichung Dadun is a unique hotel located in the Xitun District of Taichung, perfect for those planning to live in Taichung. Each room has been meticulously designed with a modern style, providing a comfortable sleeping environment, along with all the necessary amenities for your convenience. The hotel is surrounded by numerous shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities, making it convenient for your daily needs.

  • CMP Block Museum of Arts is located 1.2 km from CHECK inn Select Taichung Dadun.

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Guide Hotel Taichung Ziyou

Guide Hotel Taichung Ziyou is located in Taichung’s Central District, and each room is furnished with comfortable furniture and modern amenities, providing a tranquil resting environment. You can indulge in delicious local and international cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant, satisfying your taste buds. The hotel also offers daily room cleaning, ensuring that your accommodation environment remains clean and comfortable.

  • Miyahara is located 550 meters from Guide Hotel Taichung Ziyou.

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BlueSky Hotel

BlueSky Hotel is located in Taichung’s Central District, offering spacious and modern rooms that provide a homely feel. Each room is equipped with a comfortable bed, ample storage space, and a contemporary bathroom, ensuring you can relax and live with ease. The hotel provides a rich self-service breakfast to satisfy your taste and needs. Situated in the heart of Taichung city, you can easily explore this urban center, enjoying various cultural and entertainment activities.

  • Liuchuan Riverside Walk is located 450 meters from BlueSky Hotel.

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CHECK inn Taichung Wenxin Zhongqing

CHECK inn Taichung Wenxin Zhongqing is located in Taichung’s North District, close to many of the city’s major attractions, allowing you to easily explore this beautiful city. The hotel offers a variety of room options, from standard rooms to family suites. It also provides free parking, 24-hour front desk service, and laundry facilities, ensuring that your stay is convenient and worry-free.

  • National Museum of Natural Science is located 2 km from CHECK inn Taichung Wenxin Zhongqing.

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