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Internships in Taiwan appear as a hidden gem in a world where global experiences and cross-cultural learning have become crucial. As the demand for overseas internships grows, Taiwan has emerged as a top destination for students and young professionals looking for a one-of-a-kind and fulfilling internship experience. Taiwan provides a varied range of prospects across numerous industries, from the busy streets of Taipei to the tranquil countryside. 

This thorough guide will light the way to acquiring and making the most of internships in Taiwan, whether you’re a student keen to discover a new culture or a career-driven individual searching for hands-on experience. 

Do I need a visa to do an internship in Taiwan?

If you intend to perform an internship in Taiwan, you will almost certainly require a visa. For international interns, Taiwan has unique visa requirements. The sort of visa you require will be determined by the length and nature of your internship. If your internship is unpaid and lasts fewer than 90 days, you may be eligible for a visiting visa or visa-free admission. 

Longer, paid internships, on the other hand, may necessitate the application of a work visa or a special internship visa. To establish the precise visa requirements based on your situation, contact the Taiwan Bureau of Consular Affairs or the nearest Taiwanese embassy or consulate. Furthermore, to guarantee a seamless transition, begin the visa application process well in advance of your internship start date.

Do I need a visa to do an internship in Taiwan

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Are internships in Taiwan paid?

Internships in Taiwan can be paid or unpaid, depending on the internship program and the regulations of the host firm. Paid internships are becoming prevalent for overseas interns, particularly in industries such as technology and finance. These paid internships usually provide a stipend or pay to help with living expenses. 

There are also unpaid internships available, particularly in non-profit organizations or educational institutions. Prospective interns must conduct research and inquire about the salary structure of their planned internship, as remuneration might vary greatly. 

Are internships in Taiwan paid

Requirements for Internships in Taiwan

Academic Achievement

Academic achievement is frequently a deciding factor in pursuing an internship in Taiwan. While particular qualifications for internship programs and host organizations vary, many opportunities in Taiwan seek people with a solid academic background. Candidates should typically be enrolled in or have just graduated from a degree program at an approved university. GPA requirements may vary, however higher GPAs are often preferable. 

Candidates may also be required to submit transcripts and letters of recommendation. Individuals looking for internships in Taiwan must examine the specific criteria of their preferred program or organization and verify that their academic accomplishments match those expectations.

Educational background in different fields

Internship requirements in Taiwan might vary based on the individual sector or business. Candidates are required to have a good educational background related to their chosen area in most situations. For example, if you’re seeking a technical internship, you should have a degree or coursework in a related field, such as computer science or engineering. Similarly, a background in business, economics, or a comparable discipline may be necessary for business-related internships. 

It’s critical to examine the precise criteria of the internship you want, as various sectors may have varying educational needs. Additionally, depending on the internship, language fluency in Mandarin Chinese or English may be required, as good communication is frequently required in the Taiwanese workplace.

Work Experience

Requirements of Internship in Taiwan vary based on the internship job and the host organization, notably in terms of work experience. Many internships in Taiwan are available to students and fresh graduates since they do not need considerable job experience. However, having relevant job experience might be useful for more competitive professions or specialized industries. To understand the precise work experience requirements, carefully examine the internship advertisement. 

Some internships may be available to those with no prior job experience, with a focus on academic qualifications and potential. Others, on the other hand, may prefer individuals with hands-on expertise in the sector. Overall, while employment experience might help your application, there are internship possibilities in Taiwan for those with a variety of backgrounds and degrees of expertise.


Internship language requirements in Taiwan vary based on the host organization and the type of the internship. While Mandarin Chinese is Taiwan’s official language, certain internships, particularly in foreign or English-speaking workplaces, may not have rigorous language requirements. However, having a basic grasp of Mandarin might be beneficial for daily conversation and cultural immersion. 

Specific internships that demand work in Mandarin-speaking contexts or connections with local people, on the other hand, may have more severe language requirements. Prospective interns must carefully study the language requirements for each internship opportunity to ensure they have the appropriate language skills.

Requirements for Internships in Taiwan

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Things to Know Before Preparing for an Internship in Taiwan

Decide when you would like to start your internship in Taiwan

One critical choice to make before preparing for an internship in Taiwan is when you want to begin your internship. Taiwan has internships available all year, so the time is determined by your schedule and interests. Many internships correspond to academic semesters, making it easier for students. Consider your academic schedule, the weather in Taiwan at different times of year, and any unique criteria or deadlines imposed by the host organization. 

Summer internships are popular because they give a vivid experience in a warm and crowded workplace, but fall and spring internships provide a different ambiance and may be more suited with your academic responsibilities. Finally, choosing the time that best matches your goals and circumstances is an important stage in internship preparation.

Decide where you want to intern

It is critical to identify where you want to intern when preparing for an internship in Taiwan. Taiwan has a wide selection of internship options, ranging from technological firms in Taipei to cultural groups in Taichung and global commerce firms in Kaohsiung. Your location should be in line with your work goals and personal preferences. Consider the sector you want to work in, the lifestyle of the location, language requirements, and your topic of study. 

The capital, Taipei, provides a busy metropolitan atmosphere as well as a hub for technology and finance, while smaller cities provide distinct experiences and exposure to various areas of Taiwanese culture and economy. Research and choose the place that best fits your professional goals and the experience you want to gain during your internship in Taiwan.

Research on different internship opportunities

Before embarking on an internship in Taiwan, it is critical to undertake extensive study on the various internship possibilities accessible. Taiwan has a diverse range of internship opportunities ranging from technology and industry to education and cultural institutions. To make an educated selection, first define your area of interest and professional goals. Investigate firms, organizations, or institutions that share your objectives. 

Consider criteria such as the internship’s location, language restrictions, and duration. Researching and comprehending Taiwan’s broad internship environment will help you to select an opportunity that best meets your professional goals and personal preferences.

Things to Know Before Preparing for an Internship in Taiwan

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