7 days of self-health management regulations guidelines, what should you do during self-health management?

This article tells you the definition of self-health management, the rules, how to live with your family, whether you can go to work, eat
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The latest guideline for the new policy of confirmed cases. What to do if you are confirmed to have Covid-19?

The global impact of the Covid-19 outbreak in the last two years has had a dramatic impact on the lives of people around the
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The latest guideline for home isolation in Taiwan, shorten the isolation period to 3+4 days

During the epidemic, many people had direct or indirect contact with confirmed cases, and they were even identified to home isolation. It is inevitable
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Taiwan’s latest entry requirements and travel restrictions

As Covid-19 stabilizes, inbound travelers will not need to undergo 0+7 self-initiated epidemic prevention starting March 20, 2023. Then, those confirmed with minor cases
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I am a COVID-19 confirmed case in Taiwan. What must I do now?

While we all know that Taiwan could not maintain its zero local COVID cases forever, not even the greatest betting man would have predicted
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What to do if you start to develop COVID-19 symptoms in Taiwan?

While COVID-19 cases continue to hit new highs in Taiwan due to the spread of the unforgiving Omicron variant, you might be wondering how
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