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Taipei City is the center of business in northern Taiwan. It is also the center of Taiwan’s political, economic, educational, and cultural development. Although Taipei is a small city, it has everything inside. Many jobs and industries are mainly in Xinyi District, Daan District, Neihu District, and Nangang District, which are the four most important business districts in Taipei.

What is Taipei best known for?

Taipei is the economic, political, and cultural center of Taiwan. It is a modern metropolitan and diverse city that is filled with vitality. What’s more, the transportation here is quick and convenient, so you don’t need to drive the car yourself and worry about the time being too long from one place to another. But if you want to go to another city for a day trip, you can rent a car.

Apart from this, there are lots of stores here, like restaurants with delicacies, especially Din Tai Fung, which every foreigner likes, or if you want some special try, “Stinky Tofu” in the night market will be your first option. Also, there are a lot of convenience stores in Taipei, just walk a few steps and you will see one in front of you.

Taipei’s MRT is very convenient and there are various foods around each MRT station. If you want to find more delicacies in Taipei, we’ve put together some for you, just click the button below!

You will be pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the locals and the diversity of the culture, regardless of how long you stay.

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Food court next to MRT Taipei Main Station, Source: H.T. Yu

Four popular business districts in Taipei

With the development of culture and the city, the western district of Taipei (Wanhua, Taipei Station area) is filled with many small and medium enterprise, traditional cultural clusters, or Ximending, where young people like to gather. Lots of corporations, technology companies, and financial companies are gradually gathering in the East District, Xinyi District, and Neihu District,which are not only separate business centers but also interrelated.

Neihu District

There are numerous new commercial and office buildings in Neihu Science and Technology Park that include technology, online game industries. The Tri-Service General Hospital and many of Taiwan’s media headquarters are also located here.

Neihu Science and Technology Park, which has the highest revenue in Taipei, and a rich concentration of area, technology and talent. It is the first science park in Taiwan that was developed by both private investment and the government. However, the traffic there is very congested during commuting time.

Many internationally renowned ODM (Original Design Manufacture), such as LITE-ON Technology, Compal Electronics Inc., international electronic brand MiTAC Technology, Taiwan e-commerce platform Fubon MOMO, and game companies like Gamania Digital Entertainment, also have head offices in Neihu Technology Park.

Besides, there are many “online game” companies gathered around MRT Xihu Station and Gangqiang Station to design relevant mechanisms for international game brand companies.
In addition, around Neihu Jiuzong Road and Neihu COSTCO, there are many TV media companies, such as Sanlih Entertainment Television, Next TV, and Era News.

  • Nearby Attractions: Jinmianshan Hiking Trail, TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE, Dahu Park
  • Transportation: take the metro brown line from Xihu station to Donghu station.

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Dahu Park, Source: China Style

Nangang District

In order to solve traffic congestion problems in the Taipei area, the government decided to build the MRT. On July 1, 2015, the High-Speed Rail Nangang Station was officially opened. Nangang Station has become the largest transfer station in Taipei, reducing the crowd of people who usually transfer at Taipei Main Station.

The Nangang Software Park is an extension of the Neihu Technology Park. The industries are based on knowledge-intensive industries, such as software IC design, digital creativity, biotechnology, and cultural creativity, while supporting service industries are allowed to move in to complete the living function of the park and retain the flexibility to introduce new industries, and to increase the competitiveness of the industry. By the way, the park will promote the upgrading of the software industry to achieve the goal of “Asia Pacific Software Center” and “Asia-wide R&D Headquarters”.

Nangang Exhibition Halls 1 and 2 were built near the MRT Nangang Software Park Station to expand the needs of the exhibition halls.
A significant park in Taiwan’s software industry: Nangang Software Park , there are phases 1, 2, and 3. KKBox, Yahoo Taiwan, and CTBC Bank Co., for example, have all established their headquarters here.
KKBox Group also includes KKBox, KKTV, KKStream, KKFarm and other group companies.

  • Nearby Attractions: Nangang Bottle Cap Factory, Taipei Music Center, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
  • Transportation: take the metro blue line from Nangang station to Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center station, or take the brown line at Nangang Software Park station.

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Nangang Bottle Cap Factory, Source: Nangang Bottle Cap Factory fanpage

Xinyi District

The Xinyi business district is known as the “Manhattan of Taipei” due to the prosperity of the area’s financial market and corporate headquarters in the weekdays, but it is a fashionable metropolitan area at night.

There is one department store every 0.5 square kilometers on average in the district, with the highest concentration of department stores. Many corporate and financial headquarters are located here. Also, the famous landmark, Taipei 101, is currently the tenth tallest skyscraper in the world.

Aside from the iconic Taipei World Trade Center and Taipei 101, the region also includes various corporations, such as Cathay Financial Center, Nan Shan Life Insurance Company and CPC Corporation Headquarters, as well as numerous department stores and recreational facilities, such as VIESHOW Cinemas, ATT 4 FUN, Uni-Hankyu Department Stores, Eslite Bookstore Xinyi, and W Hotel, making Xinyi District to one of the major commercial districts.

Besides, Google, WeWork, Deloitte & Touche, Shopee Taiwan, L’Oreal SA, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Bloomberg, and P&G Taiwan have all set up Taiwan headquarters in Xinyi District.

  • Nearby Attractions: Xiangshan, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
  • Transportation: take the metro red line from Taipei 101 station to Xiangshan station, or take the blue line from Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall station to Taipei City Hall station.

T014 3
Taipei 101 shopping area, Source: Cheng-en Cheng

Daan District

Daan District is a thriving business and entertainment district. It has everything from department stores to boutique shops to roadside stalls, cafes, and exquisite food. It is a popular shopping place for Taipei residents.

The name “Daan” is derived from its previous name, Daan Village. There are talented people, developed commercial areas, and convenient transportation in the district. It is the representation of an international city, and it displays a distinct style.

National Taiwan University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and National Taipei University of Technology have enriched the area with culture and education. Xinsheng South Road is known as the “Road to Heaven” because of its many religious buildings. There is also the Daan Forest Park, one of the few large parks in Taipei, which is known as the “lung of the city”.

On weekends, the Jianguo Flower Market and Jade Market appear as a business, with Renai Road as the boundary, the Flower Market to the south and the Jade Market to the north. The flower market sells a wide range of flowers at low prices, whereas the jade market has nearly 1,000 jade stalls and a steady stream of visitors.

Also, MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station is a transfer station between blue line and brown line, there are Breeze Center, two Pacific SOGO department stores around the shopping area, and companies in some commercial buildings.

  • Nearby Attractions: Yongkang Street, Daan Forest Park, Linjiang Street Night Market
  • Transportation: take the metro red line from Dongmen station to Xinyi Anhe station, or take the blue line from Zhongxiao Xinsheng station to Zhongxiao Dunhua station.

T014 4
Linjiang Street Night Market, Source: Ken Marshall

The pros and cons of working in Taipei


  1. Health Insurance
    Public health insurance in Taiwan is great! You are eligible if you work here. Taiwan’s National Health Insurance (NHI) makes treatment, medication, dental and vision care and hospitalization affordable. Foreigners who pass the health check required for a long-term visa in Taiwan and get an Alien Resident Card will be covered by Taiwanese public healthcare.
  2. Public Transportation
    Taipei has the best public transportation system, with a clean, safe, and on-time MRT system as well as a comprehensive bus system. This means people here don’t need to buy scooters or cars, it is unnecessary.
  3. Convenient Life
    Taiwan is one of the most convenient countries in the world. You will find convenience stores such as 7-11, Family Mart, OK Mart, or Hi-Life everywhere you go. These stores also accept bills or cash, purchase travel tickets, print pictures, and receive packages, buy daily necessities, and so on.
  4. People Are Friendly
    Most people are friendly to foreigners and willing to help foreigners. They also accept different races of people. If you are lost in Taipei or cannot find the place you want to go, they will help you, although some of them are not good at English, and then they will find others that can help you.
  5. Safety
    Taiwan is definitely a safe country. There isn’t a lot of crime that often occurs around every city. Just be careful when you go to crowded places. Maybe some petty crime will happen, but these situations are rare.


  1. Humid Weather
    Taipei has rain all year round. There are plum rains in spring, afternoon thunderstorms in summer, typhoons in fall, and rain in winter because of the northeast monsoon.
  2. High Price
    Everything in Taipei is expensive. Some Taiwanese people think the foods in Taipei taste bad and are expensive, but some foreigners think they are quite cheap. It depends on what you think, but there are still lots of delicacies you can choose!
  3. Air Pollution
    The air in Taipei used to be good, but in recent years, it has gotten worse due to sandstorms from China. Besides, the exhaust emissions from cars and scooters are also the reason that leads to severe air pollution.
  4. Heavy Traffic
    Many foreigners are put off by Taiwanese road culture, which leads to speeding, ignoring traffic laws, and congested roads. Accidents involving scooters are common, and some foreigners complain about noise levels near the main roads.

For some reasons, Taipei seems like a place to live, and a suitable place for long-term development and work. If you are the business workers that will come to Taipei in the future, then you can experience the culture in person!

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