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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the Taiwan National day in 2023! In this  content, we will explore the history of Taiwan National Day, delve into the exciting theme for 2023, highlight the customs and activities that make this celebration special, and reveal the recommended locations for witnessing the breathtaking 2023 National Day fireworks display.

Taiwan National Day is a momentous occasion that holds a special place in the hearts of its people. With a rich history, a captivating theme, and a wide range of festivities, this annual event is a testament to Taiwan’s vibrant culture and the enduring spirit of its citizens. Whether you’re a local looking to immerse yourself in the celebrations or a visitor eager to experience the magic of Taiwan, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to make the most of this remarkable day.

History of Taiwan National Day

On January 1st, 1912, Taiwan, or the Republic of China, was established as a country.The Wuchang Uprising, which began on October 10, 1911, is a key event that contributed to its creation.The Qing dynasty in China was eventually overthrown by the revolution, which allowed Taiwan to be created.

The Wuchang Uprising, led by Sun Yatsen, began as a reaction to the Chinese people’s dissatisfaction with the Qing’s authority and control as well as the growing influence of the West and Japan.The success of the insurrection led to the beginning of numerous subsequent revolts in various Chinese cities.As a result, the Manchus were defeated.The Wuchang Uprising commander had been chosen to serve as the fledgling republic’s provisional president.

History of Taiwan National Day
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2023 Taiwan National Day Theme

The National Day Preparatory Committee has announced this year’s (2023) National Day theme as “Democratic Taiwan, Resilient Sustainability: 2023 TAIWAN NATIONAL DAY,” with the main visual featuring the three primary colors of red, blue, and white from the national flag. This year, they have invited the “Emerald Knights” from Japan’s Kanto “Noko High School” to participate in the performance, which has generated great anticipation among the public.

The National Day theme for this year, “Democratic Taiwan, Resilient Sustainability: 2023 TAIWAN NATIONAL DAY,” is represented through a three-dimensional visual approach with curved and soft lines that overlap and extend, symbolizing the gentle yet resilient attitude of the Taiwanese people and reflecting the spirit of sustainability of this land. The primary colors of the National Day visual are based on the red, blue, and white of the national flag, each color carrying different meanings. These colors are complemented by the sea-blue representing Taiwan’s diverse culture, the brick-red of temples, and the vibrant red often seen in traditional outdoor opera stages, symbolizing the depth and aesthetics of Taiwan’s culture.

The overall color scheme and design capture the reflective effect and confidence of the flag when it waves in the air. As the flag sways in the wind, it creates different shades of colors with changing light and shadows, symbolizing the passion, diversity, and unity of the nation. The aim is to showcase to the world the hopes of the people of Taiwan, just as we deeply love our country, fearlessly demonstrating and safeguarding our democratic values.

Taiwan National Day Customs and Activities

Flag-raising Ceremony

The Republic of China (Taiwan) flag is flown over the entirety of Taiwan on the eve of National Day. An elaborate and joyous flag-raising ceremony is staged at the Presidential Office Building on National Day itself. For National Day, a lot of foreign Chinese associations visit Taiwan. On that day, there are parades and military procession performances in addition to the flag-raising ceremony, which makes the mood particularly exciting.

Folk Performances

In addition to the flag-raising ceremony mentioned earlier, National Day customs and activities include folk games, outdoor concerts, and a rich array of cultural events, allowing the public to fully immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere on National Day.

National Day Fireworks

The National Day fireworks display in the evening is surely one of the traditions and events that people look forward to the most. The National Day fireworks display was first displayed close to the Presidential Office Building starting in 1953. However, the National Day fireworks have now been rotated around different counties and cities due to safety concerns and event modifications, allowing people from all over Taiwan to experience the National Day fireworks show.

Wuqi Fishing Port

The National Day fireworks display at Wuchi Fishing Port is without a doubt the best option if you want to come close up and take in the full magnificence of the fireworks. A distinctive and rich coastal atmosphere is produced by Taiwan’s largest fish market, a moderate sea wind with a tinge of salty, and friendly local hospitality. Before watching the fireworks, you may also visit the fish market to sample the freshest and most genuine seafood specialities!

Wuqi Fishing Port
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The closest and best vantage point to the launching site, Wuchi Fishing Port, is Taiwan’s first-ever harbor-type outlet mall,Mitsui Outlet Park Taichung Port. Not only does it feature an exclusive harbor-viewing platform, but it also boasts the only 60-meter-high seaside Ferris wheel in Taiwan. The exceptional vantage point provides an unobstructed view of Taiwan’s western coastline and the harbor scenery, not to mention the spectacular Double Ten National Day fireworks display!

Source: 【MITSUI OUTLET PARK Taichung Port Facebook Page】

Gaomei Wetland 

If you’re concerned about the crowds blocking your view at the expansive Wuchi Fishing Port, you can opt for the nearby ‘Gaomei Wetlands,’ a perfect spot to witness the stunning sunset over the western coast. Accompanied by the ebb and flow of the wetlands’ tides, the brilliant fireworks in the night sky create a breathtaking spectacle, as if the fireworks are blossoming between heaven and earth!

In 2023, the Taiwan National day promises to be a spectacular celebration, and one of the most anticipated highlights of the event is undoubtedly the National Day Fireworks display. Finding the perfect spot to witness this awe-inspiring spectacle is essential, and for those in the beautiful city of Taichung, there are some exceptional options to consider. In this section, we’ll introduce you to two recommended locations and also guide you on how to book accommodation in Taichung for this special occasion.

Taichung Gaomei Wetland 
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Additionally, it is conveniently situated for those planning to attend this year’s National Day celebrations, making it an ideal accommodation option for event participants. We recommend booking your room in advance to ensure your accommodation needs are met.

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Check Inn Express Taichung Fuxing

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Blue Sky Hotel

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Explore the vibrant celebration of the Taiwan National day in 2023, featuring a rich history, an exciting theme, engaging customs and activities, and a spectacular fireworks display. Discover the historical significance of Taiwan National Day, delve into the “Democratic Taiwan, Resilient Sustainability: 2023 TAIWAN NATIONAL DAY” theme, and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of flag-raising ceremonies and folk performances. For the best view of the 2023 National Day fireworks, consider Gaomei Wetlands near Taipei or Taichung Port Mitsui Outlet in Taichung. Search for your favorite monthly hotels and apartments by mrhost and contact them through mrhost.

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