Last Updated on 12-30-2023

Recently, the coronavirus pandemic has been striking Taiwan especially with the new Omicron variant which has a very strong speed of spreading. With the number of cases rising exponentially, everyone including friends, family members, and colleagues may be eventually exposed to the virus. What should I do next if I unfortunately test positive today? How should I fill in the “Self Reporting System”?

Don’t worry, the following guide will give you an insight into what to do after getting a positive PCR test result and how to fill in the self-reporting system.

What should I do next if I unfortunately test positive today?

If you have COVID-19 symptoms and the result of your PCR test is “positive”, you are considered a “confirmed case”.

According to the latest regulations of Taiwan Central Epidemic Command Center, confirmed patients with little or no symptoms should undergo “7-day home care” + “ 7-day self-health management”, which is called “7+7”. If you want to know more about what to do after testing positive, you can refer to this article: I am a COVID-19 confirmed case in Taiwan. What must I do now?

What is the self-reporting epidemic control system?

Since epidemic investigation requires a lot of human resources, in order to reduce medical costs, the CECC has launched a Self-reporting System for Confirmed COVID-19 Cases on May 1. It allows confirmed cases to report their health status by themselves so it would be easier to track contacts.

When you have COVID-19 symptoms, after a positive rapid antigen test result you will go to a hospital/ health clinic to do a PCR test. The government will then alert you if your test result is positive through a text message with the link of the “Self-reporting Epidemic Control System” asking you to fill out the form. It is therefore recommended to leave your mobile phone number at the PCR testing sites.

T003 01

What will contain the SMS?

  • SMS number: 0911514588
  • Content of the SMS: “You are a confirmed case of COVID-19, please go to the website of the self-reporting system, check your personal information, take the initiative to report the information of your close contacts, and notify your work or school contact window.”
  • Self-Reporting system link: https://bbs.cdc.gov.tw/

NB: You would first receive a phone call to verify your identity, followed by the text message.

How to fill in the form? Step-by-step process

On the first page you will be asked to enter your national identification number or the last six (6) digits of your Alien Resident Card (ARC). On the next page you will proceed to confirm your name, ID number and your mobile phone number which will be partially hidden as shown in the picture below.

T003 02

The third page will show the terms of service on the collection of personal information, read it and click on agree so you can proceed to the next page. You will then be asked if you are experiencing any symptoms that require medical attention.

T003 03

If you are not experiencing any severe symptoms, you can proceed to the fifth page. There, to determine if you need to be hospitalized or not. you will be asked whether you are:

  • pregnant
  • undergoing hemodialysis (kidney dialysis)
  • 65 and older and living alone.

On the next page you will have to list the names of everyone you have been in close contact with in the last two days before you start showing symptoms to when you start isolating yourself (roommates, coworkers or classmates).

T003 04

When filling out the “contact tracing form”, you must enter their phone number, residential address, occupation, name and address of up to 3 workplaces or schools.

NB: Parents or guardians should fill in the information for children under the age of 12.

T003 05

After filling out all the required information, the system will provide instructions on what to tell your close contacts (such as the “3+4” quarantine policy and testing requirements). You will then upload your status on the Taiwan Social Distancing app.

Read more: Did you know Taiwan has launched its own COVID-19 tracing app?

T003 06

Fines resulting from not filling out the form

If you do not fill in the form received, according to the Taiwan Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, you will be fined between NTD $60,000 and NTD $300,000.


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