Last Updated on 12-30-2023

Are you looking for a place that suits you? Do you want to live in New Taipei City with convenient transportation and a rich lifestyle? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely take a look at several areas we recommend: Banqiao, Sanchong, and Xindian. Each of these areas has its own unique features and advantages, allowing you to choose the residence that best matches your preferences and needs. Let’s explore them together!

Live in New Taipei City, Taiwan:Banqiao


Living in Banqiao is a true delight, thanks to its incredibly convenient transportation options. Regardless of where you want to go, you have multiple choices available. You can take the MRT Bannan Line, which provides a direct route to Taipei’s city center, or transfer to the Circular Line to explore various corners of New Taipei City. Another option is to hop on one of the many bus routes, covering every nook and cranny of Banqiao District. Furthermore, Taiwan Railways Administration offers residents easy access to both downtown Taipei and various destinations within New Taipei City. If you’re looking to travel farther, Taiwan High Speed Rail can take you to all corners of Taiwan. Whether you’re a professional, student, tourist, or a family, Banqiao caters to your transportation needs.

Life Function

ParkDepartment StoreHospital
Banqiao Siwei ParkFar Eastern Banqiao Zhongshan StoreNew Taipei City Hospital Banqiao Branch
Xinban Metropolitan ParkMega CityFar Eastern Memorial Hospital

Live in New Taipei City, Taiwan:Sanchong


Sanchong in New Taipei City is a fantastic place to live because of its excellent transportation system. Whether you prefer taking the MRT, Taoyuan Metro, buses, or driving, you can quickly reach your destination. Sanchong boasts two MRT lines, namely the Tamsui–Xinyi line and the Zhonghe-Xinlu Line, allowing you direct access to Taipei’s city center and other areas in New Taipei City. Sanchong even offers the option of taking the Taoyuan Metro, which provides great convenience for travelers heading to Taipei City or catching international flights.There are numerous bus routes in Sanchong that conveniently connect to Taipei City, other districts in New Taipei City, and even to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Keelung Port. Furthermore, Sanchong has highways and expressways that provide swift access to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and other cities. The roads in Sanchong are also spacious and well-maintained, reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents and congestion. Therefore, residents of Sanchong can enjoy high-quality transportation services, saving both time and money.

Life Function

ParkHospitalSports Center
Xingfu Shuiyang ParkSanchong You Min HospitalSanchong Comprehensive Gymnasium
Sanchong Jixian Environmental Protection ParkNew Taipei City Hospital Sanchong BranchNew Taipei City Sanchong Civil Sports Center

Live in New Taipei City, Taiwan:Xindian


Xindian in New Taipei City offers various transportation conveniences, making it a desirable living choice. Firstly, Xindian boasts the MRT Songshan-Xindian Line, providing direct access to downtown Taipei, allowing residents to enjoy the vibrancy and convenience of the city. Additionally, the district features multiple bus routes, offering residents more commuting options for their daily travels. Besides public transportation, Xindian is also conveniently located near National Highway No.3, facilitating travel for those residents who prefer to drive and connecting them to Taipei City. With its excellent transportation network, Xindian ensures worry-free travel.

Life Function

ParkHospitalSports Center
Sunshine Sports ParkCardinal Tien HospitalXindian Civil Sports Center
Xiaobitan ParkTaipei Tzu Chi HospitalHsin Tien Senior High School Sports Center

Eric’s accomodation

Eric’s accommodation – Located in Banqiao District, New Taipei City, this monthly rental apartment boasts a convenient transportation hub. It’s just a 2-minute walk to the bus stop and a 7-minute walk to Fuzhong MRT Station. There are also numerous convenience stores and supermarkets nearby, making daily life exceptionally convenient. For those who need to work around the Banqiao area, it’s definitely a great choice!

  • Address:No.275, Guanqian W. Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 220053, Taiwan
  • Price:From TWD 24,000 / month(From TWD 800 / night)

Olala Lin Apartments

Olala Lin Apartments is a serviced apartment located in Banqiao District, New Taipei City󠀠󠀠󠀠󠀠󠀠.The apartment is conveniently located with easy access to transportation, just a 7-minute walk from  Fuzhong MRT Station. There are also many department stores and supermarkets nearby, making daily life incredibly convenient. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term rental options in Banqiao, it’s a great choice!

  • Address:No. 7, Lane 213, Guanqian West Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Price:From TWD 30,000 / month(From TWD 1,499 / night)

CHECK inn Select New Taipei Sanchong Waterfront

CHECK inn Select New Taipei Sanchong Waterfront is a serviced apartment located in SanChong District, New Taipei City. The apartment offers convenient transportation, with a 2-minute walk to the SanChong MRT Station. There are also many convenience stores and supermarkets nearby, making it a very convenient living environment. Such a prime and convenient location is undoubtedly your top choice for accommodation in SanChong!

  • Address:No. 77, Jieyun Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Price:From TWD 37,543 / month(From TWD 1,251 / night)

In conclusion, these three districts in New Taipei City are teeming with opportunities and vitality. Whether you are seeking convenient urban living or indulging in natural beauty and flavorful cuisine, you can find satisfaction here. We hope you will explore this diverse and intriguing place to experience the myriad charms of New Taipei City.

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