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Taiwan has a lot of haunted locations, and the people there are extremely superstitious. Taiwanese people will burn joss paper and make food and drinks offerings to any spirits they think may be present in their home. When the moon is full, Taiwanese people often burn incense outside while they are out and about.

Top 1: Xinglin Hospital in Tainan City

The Xinglin Hospital, which is situated in the historic city of Tainan, is regarded as Taiwan’s most haunted place. The hospital was Tainan’s biggest when it was first built in 1975, during the Taiwan Economic Miracle. The hospital was officially closed down in 1993 due to a disagreement about public labor insurance, but there were also numerous scandals involving falsified records, instances of medical misconduct, and claims of wrongful death.

Xinglin Hospital movie poster

Operating tables, medical devices, pharmaceutical supplies, and personal items can all be found abandoned. There are rumors that the deceased patients’ ghosts still wander the halls. Some locals claim to have seen a long-haired woman sweeping the hallways while others claim to have heard crying emanating from the hospital. 

Top 2: Minxiong Haunted House in Chiayi

Minxiong Haunted House wasn’t always haunted; it was built in 1929 in Chiayi County for the affluent Liu family. According to rumors, the haunting started after a servant girl committed suicide in the family well as a result of Mrs. Liu abusing her repeatedly after learning that Mr. Liu had fallen in love with her. Whatever the case, the Liu family left the house soon after moving in, and some have suggested that the dead servant’s spectral presence is what caused them to do so.

The home has other stories in addition to that one as well. Other tales blame the vengeful spirit hiding in the well for the killings and suicides of Japanese and KMT soldiers, respectively. Even leaving stories aside, it’s simple to understand why historical troops would have felt uneasy spending the night close to the home; the Minxiong Haunted home, which is currently in ruins compared to its previously elegant appearance, is undoubtedly a very eerie location.

Minxiong Haunted House in Chiayi

There may not be much of the home left, but despite the exterior facade being covered in vines and the interior being completely gutted, the house still exists. Visitors to Minxiong Haunted House have described seeing a woman in a white dress crossing the grounds and hearing sobbing emanating from inside the well.

Top 3: The Keelung Haunted House

Due to its location in the wealthy port city of Keelung, the Keelung Haunted House is regarded as the most expensive haunted attraction in Taiwan. The affluent Lin family, who gained their money in the mining sector, built the Baroque-style home in the 1930s. A portion of the house was converted into a bar in the 1950s that catered to American forces stationed in Taiwan or arriving at the port on leave. Visitors are unable to explore inside the home because it has been boarded up, however there is a little shop in one of the first-floor corners.

The Keelung Haunted House

An American soldier fathered a child with a young woman who was employed by the recently renovated bar. The young pregnant woman wanted to return to America with the soldier to raise the child, but he refused and even made fun of her. The young woman set the pub on fire last night as a form of retaliation against the military stationed in Taiwan. The young pregnant woman and the American soldier were among the many victims of the fire who suffered injuries and died. Numerous locals have claimed to have seen strange lights at night and the burned face of a barmaid in the house’s windows since the fire.                                                                        

Top 4: Jin Xin Building in Taipei

Over the years, there have been numerous rumors surrounding the Jin Xin Building. One delivery driver shared a post on the Facebook group “Supernatural Enthusiasts Society,” stating that they had received a delivery order for the Jin Xin Building. As they rode the elevator to the designated floor, they felt significant shaking and a sudden drop. The elevator initially stopped on the sixth floor before descending to the basement. Upon opening the elevator doors, they were confronted with a sealed white wall. This eerie sight left them trembling and shaken, eventually leading them back to the first floor.

Jin Xin Building Haunted House in Taipei

In response, other netizens commented below the post, sharing their own experiences: “I visited the building before, unaware of its reputation, and innocently asked the real estate agent why it was so cold,” “I used to live in this building, and the elevator would inexplicably stop on certain floors,” “I’ve encountered strange things too; I’ve gotten used to the elevator going haywire at night.” These accounts have only added to the building’s mystique and unsettling aura.

Top 5: Xining Public Housing

Xining Public Housing. Internet celebrity MC girl sadly died after falling from the fifth story in April 2021. A strange incident with an old woman falling from a building while unclothed also happened in 2004. The 70-year-old woman was discovered naked and dead in the elevator shaft. The woman’s death was initially thought to have been caused by an accident, but forensic specialists were unable to find any clothing near the elevator, leaving the case open.

Xining Public Housing Haunted House

Top 6: Katoris World Amusement Park

Katoris World Amusement Park was one of Taiwan’s most well-known amusement parks when it opened in 1983 to considerable excitement and remained so until its untimely closing in 1994. There has been a lot of speculation over the years as to the real reason the park closed because of its abrupt shutdown and connection to fatalities on roller coasters. Is this a false tale or did 60 people really die on one of the rides? Was the shutdown related to more than just insolvency, in other words?


Nobody truly knows because the organization in charge of Katoris World Amusement Park has never responded to inquiries about prior incidents. Regardless of the truth behind the haunted amusement park’s origins, Katoris World Amusement Park has earned its reputation as a terrifying attraction because of its pivotal role in the Taiwanese horror movie “Tag Along 2.” The Little Girl in the Red Dress, an evil ghost that accompanies humans, is the subject of the film’s Taiwanese mythology, and it can get up to some very terrifying things. The things that follow explorers home should be considered.

Top 7: Taichung Wuri Haunted House

The rumored history of Taichung’s Wuri Haunted House, however rather mild by Taiwanese standards, allows it to blend in seamlessly with the rest of these beautiful haunted structures. The story goes as follows: a young woman fell in love with a wealthy businessman who was also building a villa, but their relationship was only mutually beneficial. The red-clad woman hanged herself on the second floor of the unfinished villa after being overcome with despair.

Taichung Wuri Haunted House

Whether the tale is genuine or not is unknown, but the villa itself is still unfinished and deserted today. Is it possessed? Taiwanese internet users appear to agree with this, and tales of individuals hearing a woman sobbing have surfaced. on the upper level.

Top 8: Donghai Sea Castle

The Japanese occupation of Taiwan involved more than merely converting existing structures into jails or military garrisons. In the case of Donghai Sea Castle, it also prompted the building of countless underground tunnels and bunkers along Taichung’s shoreline as a line of defense against future Allied invasion. Even though the region is now a well-liked location for nocturnal gazing, ghost stories still abound there.

Donghai Sea Castle Haunted House

Built in 1945, the No. 13 bunker is one of Taichung’s most restricted locations. This is partly because of the tunnels’ depth and complexity, which have given rise to tales about what or who dwells within. According to a tale that went viral on Taiwanese social media, when a group of friends made the decision to go into the bunker, they heard a voice inviting them to play with her. The speaker laughed and exclaimed, “Too late!” when a friend who was not in the bunker called for the other not to go down. The same voice then inquired about the names of the friends’ group again.As much as it might have been a trick of the night or perhaps a large, gloomy bunker is the ideal setting for a made-up ghost story or construction. particularly if it is prohibited.

Top 9: Sun Moon Lake Teachers Hostel

The largest natural lake in Taiwan is tucked away in the highlands. Sun Moon Lake, a well-known destination for both tourists and residents, is frequently incorporated on tours for its leisurely boating and cycling trips. Additionally, it was the scene of a number of drowning accidents, which forms the basis of the legend surrounding the haunted Teacher’s Hostel.

Sun Moon Lake Teachers Hostel

A pleasure boat capsized in 1990, killing 57 persons (including 18 children) on board, including all 91 aboard. Despite disagreements on the incident’s cause, it is generally agreed that overcrowding was a factor because the boat could only accommodate 60 people. Guests at the neighboring Sun Moon Lake Teachers Hostel, where you can spend the night, have reported hearing ‘someone’ knocking’ ever since the occurrence and people shouting for help through the windows late at night.

Top10: Hualien Pine Garden

Many structures were used to shelter Japanese soldiers between 1895 and 1945, while Japan was a colony. On Taiwan’s east coast, in Hualien’s Pine Garden, is one such place.

The structures in Pine Garden, built in 1942, once used as the Japanese kamikaze pilots’ training grounds before their ill-fated sorties. Visitors have still reported hearing Japanese conversations even though Pine Garden is now a historical area and cultural hub that focuses on Hualien poetry. Some residents have even gone so far as to assert that Japanese pilots are haunting Pine Garden.

Hualien Pine Garden

Whether it’s true or not, the appearance of the former military structure in Hualien Pine Garden and the towering pine trees separating it from other areas may undoubtedly serve as the scene’s backdrop of many a horror film. Even more so if it is indeed haunted.


In summary, Taiwan’s captivating haunted house stories embody the country’s rich history and diverse culture. From the unsettling Jin Xin Building to the enigmatic Xining Public Housing, these top 10 haunted locations offer a chilling glimpse into the unexplained. They tap into our fascination with the unknown and serve as a reminder that the past often leaves its mark on the present. As you explore Taiwan’s streets and landscapes, keep in mind that these haunted tales invite both skeptics and believers to uncover the mysteries that linger within their walls.

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