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Taiwan’s 7-11 is renowned for its ceaseless operating hours, offering remarkable convenience and accessibility to people. This convenience store typically operates 24 hours a day, all year round. Whether it’s for an early morning breakfast, an afternoon snack, or even late-night cravings, customers can always find the products they need at 7-Eleven. 

This flexible operating schedule has integrated 7-11 as an essential part of people’s daily lives. It remains available, whether on busy work days or holidays, serving customers’ needs and becoming an integral part of the community. Whether there’s an urgent requirement for a daily necessity or a search for a quick and delicious snack, the convenience of 7-11’s operating hours in Taiwan ensures that customers’ demands are met.

The Evolution of Taiwan’s 7-11

The first store was opened in Taipei’s Changan E Road in February 1980, but it wasn’t until later that the store began to make a significant impact. The venture depleted about half of its original capital of NT$1.9 billion within a couple of years. The situation escalated as foreign and local investors expressed interest in acquiring the struggling stores.

However, the story of 7-11 took a turn for the better as key figures within the company demonstrated resilience and strategic thinking.  Through innovative business strategies, operational improvements, and a commitment to enhancing customer experience, 7-11 gradually transitioned from a struggling convenience store to a symbol of convenience, quality, and affordability in Taiwan.

Today,the convenience store has become an integral part of Taiwanese daily life, offering a wide array of products and services that cater to a range of customers – from students seeking affordable snacks to working professionals in need of quick, quality meals. 

7-11 in Taiwan:A Hub of Diverse Services and Innovations

Taiwan’s 7-11 is a convenience store that offers a diverse range of services. In addition to selling various products such as food, beverages, and daily essentials, it also provides numerous innovative services. 

These include iBon, Life Market, home delivery services, mobile payments, and more. These services enable customers to complete various tasks within 7-11, such as bill payments, ticket purchases, reservations, shipping, and pickups, greatly enhancing convenience in their lives. Taiwan’s 7-11 continuously introduces new services, such as unmanned stores, self-service kiosks, and automated coffee machines, showcasing the store’s innovative capabilities and commitment to customer service.

In Taiwan, how many 7-11 locations are there

7-11 in Taiwan has over six thousand five hundred branches scattered throughout the country, forming an extensive and densely interconnected network. This has made 7-11 one of the largest and most pervasive convenience store brands in Taiwan, with a noticeable presence in both urban centers and rural areas. These branches are located in various types of locales, ranging from bustling city centers to remote villages, showcasing the ubiquity of 7-11. Such widespread distribution enables people to effortlessly access the diverse range of products and services offered by 7-11 at any time and any place, making it an integral part of daily life for people in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s 7-11 Essential Shopping List


7-11 offers a wide variety of bread with different flavors and fillings. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, you can find the bread that suits your taste.

Source: flickr Marco Verch Professional Photographer

Ice Cream

7-11 offers ice cream from various brands and flavors, including Häagen-Dazs, popsicles, and soft-serve. Whether you crave a refreshing or rich taste, you can find your favorite ice cream.

Source: flickr Robyn Fleming

Instant Noodles

7-11 provides a diverse range of instant noodles with different types and flavors, including Japanese ramen, Thai tom yum, Korean spicy stir-fried rice cakes, and more. Whether you desire something spicy or mild, you can find the instant noodles you enjoy.

7-eleven Instant Noodles
Source: flickr chia ying Yang


7-11 offers a wide selection of beverages with various types and functions, such as coffee, tea, fruit juices, sports drinks, and energy drinks. Whether you need an energy boost or thirst-quenching refreshment, you can find the beverage that suits your preference.

7-eleven drink
Source: flickr Toomore Chiang


7-11’s snack collection spans a wide range of types and origins, including chocolate, potato chips, candies, cookies, nuts, and more. Whether you have a sweet or savory craving, you can find the snacks you love.

7-eleven snacks
Source: flickr chia ying Yang

Bento Boxes

7-11 offers a variety of bento box options with different dishes, including pork rice, curry rice, chicken rice, vegetarian rice, and more. Whether you prefer meat or vegetarian options, you can find a bento box that satisfies your appetite.

7-eleven bento boxes
Source: flickr 姜 明雄


Oden is a traditional Japanese hot soup dish consisting of a variety of ingredients such as fish cakes, tofu, radishes, eggs, and more. You can choose your preferred ingredients and scoop them into a small bowl using a ladle. The broth of oden is rich and aromatic, making it a perfect choice for winter.

7-eleven oden
Source: flickr Harry Li

Tea eggs 

Tea eggs are a type of chicken egg boiled with tea leaves and soy sauce, resulting in a dark-colored outer layer and a tender and smooth yolk. Tea eggs have a savory and fragrant taste, making them a great accompaniment to rice or noodles.

7-eleven tae eggs
Source: flickr 李 季霖

Daily Necessities

7-11 provides a diverse range of daily necessities with various types and functions, such as toilet paper, toothbrushes, razors, batteries, charging cables, and more. Whatever you need, you can find it at 7-11.

7-11 Daily Necessities
Source: flickr Chi-Hung Lin

In conclusion, 7-11 in Taiwan is not merely a convenience store; it is an indispensable companion in daily life. Through its ceaseless operating hours and diverse range of services, it has deeply integrated itself into the lives of Taiwanese people. Whether providing convenient products and services or becoming a part of the community, 7-11 consistently upholds its commitment to bringing convenience and delight to its customers. Whether it’s the rush of early mornings or the perplexities of late nights, 7-11 is always there, offering endless choices to everyone, making life simpler and more enriched.

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