Last Updated on 12-30-2023

Are you looking for the perfect dating app or site in Taiwan to find meaningful connections? Look no further! With the rise of online dating and a diverse dating app scene in Taiwan, there are plenty of options to explore. Whether you’re a local single looking for love or a foreigner intrigued by the idea of dating in Taiwan, this comprehensive guide will introduce you to the ten best dating apps and sites available in the country.


In a country with less than 22 million internet users, Taiwan’s dating app scene is surprisingly diverse and exciting. The most popular dating app in Taiwan is Tinder, accounting for approximately 49 percent of surveyed dating app users. However, many Taiwanese singles have become fatigued with the swiping culture and prefer meaningful connections.

Tinder: Leading the Way in Taiwan’s Dating Scene

Tinder has the advantage of a large international user base, but its swiping culture has led some locals to seek alternatives. Despite this, it remains a popular choice among expats and travelers looking for casual dating experiences. However, for those who seek more meaningful connections, home-grown dating apps have emerged.

Meaningful Connections: Home-Grown Dating Apps

Goodnight: Connecting Hearts Through Voice Chats

Goodnight is a local success story that connects people through voice chats. It offers a refreshing change from the superficiality of swiping, allowing users to engage in meaningful conversations before deciding to meet in person.

WeTouch and Eatgether: Focus on Common Interests and Activities

WeTouch and Eatgether are two other successful home-grown apps that focus on connecting users through shared interests and activities. By bringing like-minded individuals together, these apps provide a unique approach to dating and foster deeper connections.

Taiwan’s Online Dating Market: A Lucrative Industry

With millions of unattached hearts curious about meeting new people, Taiwan’s online dating market is estimated to be around 22 million U.S. dollars. This presents a lucrative opportunity for both established and emerging dating apps to cater to the diverse needs of Taiwanese singles.

AsianDating: A Platform for International Dating

For those seeking international connections, AsianDating offers a diverse platform with millions of beautiful girls and handsome men from around the world. It boasts over 4.5 million users globally, making it a top choice for those looking to expand their dating horizons.

Yueme: Simplified and Direct Dating

Yueme is a dating app that simplifies the process of finding a partner. It allows users to connect directly with potential matches, making it easier for singles to meet someone who shares their interests and values.

Bumble: The App for Real Relationships

Bumble is a popular app that emphasizes meaningful relationships, whether for dating or friendship. With its unique approach of empowering women to make the first move, it has gained popularity among those seeking genuine connections.

Passion.com: Best for Meeting Hot Singles

Passion.com caters to individuals looking for passionate and intimate encounters. It’s designed for those who want to explore their desires and connect with others who share similar interests.

Loveawake: Free Online Dating in Taiwan

Loveawake is a top-performing online dating site that has a vast community of singles from Taiwan and other countries. It offers a free and user-friendly platform for those seeking serious relationships.

Taiwan Dating: Peculiarities and Date Ideas

Taiwanese women stand out for their politeness, humility, and family-oriented values. Their shyness and modesty might make approaching them a challenge, but their warmth and dedication to family life make them ideal partners for those seeking long-term commitments.


Taiwan’s dating app and site market offer a diverse range of options for singles looking for love, connections, or companionship. Whether you prefer the global reach of Tinder, the meaningful connections of home-grown apps, or specific platforms catering to your preferences, there’s something for everyone in Taiwan’s dating landscape.

Remember, the world of dating apps and sites is diverse, so feel free to explore different options to find the one that best suits your preferences and needs. Happy dating!

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