Last Updated on 12-30-2023

Are you planning a relaxing getaway to Taiwan? If you’re looking for the ultimate rejuvenating experience, Taiwan’s hot springs are the perfect destination. Known for their soothing properties and picturesque surroundings, these hot springs offer a blissful retreat for travelers seeking relaxation and tranquility. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 10 of the best hot springs in Taiwan, each offering a unique and memorable experience.

Beitou Hot Spring

Located in Taipei City, Beitou Hot Spring is one of the most famous and accessible hot springs in Taiwan. It has a rich history and is known for its therapeutic properties. The area offers a range of hot spring resorts, including the renowned Beitou Hot Spring Museum, where visitors can learn about the cultural significance of hot springs in Taiwan.

Wulai Hot Springs

Situated in the mountainous region of New Taipei City, Wulai Hot Springs is another popular choice for hot spring enthusiasts. The natural beauty of the surrounding landscape adds to the charm of the hot springs. Visitors can enjoy both indoor and outdoor hot spring baths while taking in breathtaking views of the Wulai Waterfall.

Jiaoxi Hot Spring

Located in Yilan County, Jiaoxi Hot Spring is known for its high-quality mineral waters. The area offers a variety of hot spring resorts and public bathhouses. Jiaoxi Hot Spring is especially popular for its medicinal properties, believed to help with skin conditions, arthritis, and fatigue.

Mingao Hot Spring Resort

Nestled in the peaceful countryside of Heping, Taiwan, Mingao Hot Spring Resort offers a serene and secluded hot spring experience. The resort provides private hot spring baths surrounded by lush greenery, allowing guests to unwind and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the mineral-rich waters.

Hotspring World Wulai

Hotspring World Wulai is a unique hot spring destination situated in the indigenous village of Wulai. It offers a range of outdoor and indoor hot spring pools, as well as spa facilities. Visitors can immerse themselves in the warm waters while embracing the rich cultural heritage of the area.

Yilan Hot Spring

Yilan County is home to several hot springs, making it a popular choice for those seeking a relaxing getaway. Yilan Hot Spring features various resorts and hotels that offer comfortable accommodations and a range of hot spring experiences. The region’s natural beauty and fresh air add to the overall appeal of this hot spring destination.

Salt Water Hot Springs

In addition to traditional hot springs, Taiwan also offers unique salt water hot springs . These springs are believed to have therapeutic effects on skin conditions and are highly recommended for those seeking natural remedies for various ailments. The combination of salt water and hot springs creates a truly invigorating experience.

Cold Springs

For a refreshing alternative to hot springs, Taiwan is also home to cold springs. These springs provide a cool and revitalizing experience, especially during the hot summer months. Cold springs are known for their soothing effects and are ideal for those looking to escape the heat while enjoying the benefits of natural spring waters.

Mud Hot Springs

For a unique and rejuvenating experience, visitors can indulge in mud hot springs. These springs offer therapeutic mud baths that are said to cleanse and nourish the skin. Mud hot springs can be found in various locations across Taiwan and provide a fun and unconventional twist to the traditional hot spring experience.

Wild Hot Springs

If you’re an adventurous traveler seeking off-the-beaten-path experiences, Taiwan’s wild hot springs are perfect for you. These natural springs are located in remote areas and offer a more rugged and untamed hot spring experience. Exploring wild hot springs allows you to connect with nature and enjoy the pristine beauty of Taiwan’s wilderness.

In conclusion, Taiwan is a hot spring paradise, offering a wide range of options for travelers seeking relaxation and wellness. From the famous Beitou Hot Spring in Taipei to the tranquil Mingao Hot Spring Resort in Heping, each hot spring destination has its own unique charm and therapeutic benefits. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious spa experience or an adventurous dip in a wild hot spring, Taiwan has something to offer every traveler. So why wait? Plan your visit to Taiwan’s best hot springs and immerse yourself in the soothing waters for an unforgettable experience.


Taiwan’s hot springs provide a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. From the popular Beitou Hot Spring in Taipei to the secluded Mingao Hot Spring Resort in Heping, there are numerous options to choose from. Whether you prefer a luxurious spa experience or an adventurous dip in a wild hot spring, Taiwan offers a diverse range of hot springs to suit every preference. So, take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and treat yourself to a soothing soak in one of Taiwan’s best hot springs.

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