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Taipei Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is the largest metro subway system in Taiwan. It is not only fast but also convenient transportation in Taipei. Because Taipei MRT system is integrated with other important transit systems including High Speed Rail, Taoyuan Airport MRT, Taiwan Railways Administration and Taipei busses system, many passengers will choose it as main transportation to avoid traffic jams.

On the other hand, foreigners can easily use this traffic system because of English services. Even with no idea about Chinese, foreign tourists still can visit lots of Taipei attractions with no pressure such as Taipei 101, National Palace Museum,etc.

Anyway, Taipei MRT system is the best choice for foreign travelers to commute or travel in Taipei city.

Taipei MRT Map

Taipei MRT Map
Taipei MRT Map

In order to distinguish between different Taipei MRT Line, The Taipei MRT company uses six line colors for simplicity.

Brown Line – Wenhu Line

wenhu line

The Brown Line connects Wenshan and Neihu District so it is called Wenhu Line. Wenhu Line is very unique in that all the stations on it are above-ground. The passengers will see the view of Taipei and New Taipei City.

  • Peak headway :2 – 4 min
  • Off-peak headway:4 – 10 min
  • Terminus:Taipei Zoo – Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
  • Stations: Taipei Zoo, Muzha, Wanfang Community, Wanfang Hospital, Xinhai, Linguang, Liuzhangli, Technology Building, Daan, Zhongxiao Fuxing, Nanjing Fuxing, Zhongshan Junior High School, Songshan Airport, Dazhi, Jiannan Road, Xihu, Gangqian, Wende, Neihu, Dahu Park, Huzhou, Donghu, Nangang Software Park, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.

Red Line – Tamsui-Xinyi Line

T038 003

The Red Line connects Tamsui north of Taipei City and Xinyi District so it is called Tamsui-Xinyi Line. It includes a total of 28 stations including Tamsui, Shilin, Zhongzheng, Xinyi, etc. If tourists want to travel to Tamsui, taking the Taipei Metro by Tamsui-Xinyi Line will be the best choice.

  • Peak headway:3 – 8 min
  • Off-peak headway:4 – 10 min
  • Terminus:Tamsui–Xiangshan
  • Stations:Tamsui, Hongshulin, Zhuwei, Guandu, Zhongyi, Fuxinggang, Beitou, Xinbeitou, Qiyan, Qilian, Shipai, Mingde, Zhishan, Shilin, Jiantan, Yuanshan, Minquan West Road, Shuanglian, Zhongshan, Taipei Main Station, NTU Hospital, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Dongmen, Daan Park, Daan, Xinyi Anhe, Taipei 101–World Trade Center, Xiangshan.

Green Line – Songshan-Xindian Line

Tamsui-Xinyi Line

The Green Line connects Songshan and Xindian District. There are some famous attractions along Songshan-Xindian Line. For instance, if you want to taste local Taiwanese food, Shi-Da Night Market just near Taipower Building Station which is one of the stations on Songshan-Xindian Line.

  • Peak headway:3 – 6 min
  • Off-peak headway:4 – 8 min
  • Terminus:Songshan–Xindian
  • Stations:Songshan, Nanjing Sanmin, Taipei Arena, Nanjing Fuxing, Songjiang Nanjing, Zhongshan, Beimen, Ximen, Xiaonanmen, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Guting, Taipower Building, Gongguan, Wanlong, Jingmei, Dapinglin, Xiaobitan, Qizhang, Xindian District Office, Xindian.

Orange Line – Zhonghe-Xinlu Line

Songshan-Xindian Line

The Orange Line connects Zhonghe, Xinzhuang and Luzhou District. The Orange Line starts at Nanshijiao in the south of Xinbei city, passes through Taipei, and then splits into two branches: one to Huilong in Xinzhuang and the other one to Luzhou.

  • Peak headway :6 min
  • Off-peak headway:8 – 10 min
  • Terminus:Luzhou–Nanshijiao, Huilong–Nanshijiao
  • Stations:Nanshijiao, Jingan, Yongan Market, Dingxi, Guting, Dongmen, Zhongxiao Xinsheng, Songjiang Nanjing, Xingtian Temple, Zhongshan Elementary School, Minquan West Road, Daqiaotou, Taipei Bridge, Cailiao, Sanchong, Xianse Temple, Touqianzhuang, Xinzhuang, Fu Jen University, Danfeng, Huilong, Sanchong Elementary School, Sanhe Junior High School, St Ignatius High School, Sanmin Senior High School, Luzhou.

Blue Line – Bannan Line

Bannan Line

The Blue Line passes through Banqiao, Ximending, Taipei Main Station and some important stations in Taipei. Because lots of commuters will frequently use this line, if you don’t want to step in crowded carriage, avoiding peak hour is the best option.

  • Peak headway :3 – 6 min
  • Off-peak headway:4 – 5 min
  • Terminus:Dingpu–Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
  • Stations:Dingpu, Yongning, Tucheng, Haishan, Far Eastern Hospital, Fuzhong, Banqiao, Xinpu, Jiangzicui, Longshan Temple, Ximen, Taipei Main Station, Taipei Main Shandao Temple, Zhongxiao Xinsheng, Zhongxiao Fuxing, Zhongxiao Dunhua, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei City Hall, Yongchun, Houshanpi, Kunyang, Nangang, NangangTaipei Nangang Exhibition Center

Yellow Line – Circular Line

Circular Line

The Yellow Line is the only one that doesn’t pass through Taipei, it just operates within New Taipei City. The Yellow Line connects Xindian, Yonghe, Banqiao and Xinzhuang District. Although the Circular Line is not a truly circular line, the other stations are under construction. In the future, it will be a complete circle to connect all districts which are surrounding Taipei.

  • Peak headway :4 – 7 min
  • Off-peak headway:5 – 10 min
  • Terminus:Dingpu–Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
  • Stations:Dapinglin, Shisizhang, Xiulang Bridge, Jingping, Jingan, Zhonghe, Qiaohe, Zhongyuan, Banxin, Banqiao, Xinpu Minsheng, Touqianzhuang, Xingfu, New Taipei Industrial Park

Information of Taipei MRT Interchange Station

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Blue Line Transfer to Other Lines

  • To Red Line:Taipei Main Station
  • To Green Line:Ximen
  • To Brown Line:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Zhongxiao Fuxing
  • To Orange Line:Zhongxiao Xinsheng
  • To Yellow Line:Banqiao, Xinpu

Red Line Transfer to Other Lines

  • To Blue Line:Taipei Main Station
  • To Green Line:Zhongshan, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
  • To Brown Line:Daan
  • To Orange Line:Dongmen
  • To Yellow Line:-

Yellow Line Transfer to Other Lines

  • To Blue Line:Banqiao, Xinpu Minsheng
  • To Red Line:-
  • To Green Line:Dapinglin
  • To Brown Line:-
  • To Orange Line:Touqianzhuang

Green Line Transfer to Other Lines

  • To Blue Line:Ximen
  • To Red Line:Zhongshan, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
  • To Yellow Line:Dapinglin
  • To Brown Line:Nanjing Fuxing
  • To Orange Line:Songjiang Nanjing, Guting

Brown Line Transfer to Other Lines

  • To Blue Line:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
  • To Red Line:Daan
  • To Green Line:Nanjing Fuxing
  • To Yellow Line:-
  • To Orange Line:-

Orange Line Transfer to Other Lines

  • To Blue Line:Songjiang Nanjing
  • To Red Line:Dongmen
  • To Green Line:Songjiang Nanjing, Guting
  • To Yellow Line:Touqianzhuang
  • To Brown Line:-

Taipei MRT Ticket

Single-Journey Tickets

Single- Journey Ticket
  • Eligibility:Adults and children over 6 years of age
  • Price:$20 – $65
  • Validity:Valid on the day of issue only
  • Where to purchase:
    • Ticketing machines
    • All Metro station information counters

Travel Passes

One-Day Pass

One-Day Pass
  • Catagory:Retail Purchase, Bulk Purchases
  • Price:NT$150(Retail Purchase)
  • Validity:It is valid for unlimited travel on the Taipei Metro until end of service on the same day. Valid for one passenger at a time only.
  • Where to purchase:All Metro station information counters.

Taipei Metro Multi-day Pass

Multi-day Pass
  • Catagory:24hr, 48hr, 72hr
  • Price:NT$180, NT$ 280, NT$ 380
  • Validity:it is valid for unlimited travel on the Taipei Metro for 24, 48, 72 hours. Valid for one passenger at a time only.
  • Where to purchase:All Metro station information counters

All Pass Ticket

All Pass Ticket
  • Catagory:Adult EasyCards, Co-branded EasyCards, or Debit EasyCards, Student Card, and digital Student ID EasyCards, Samsung Pay EasyCards
  • Price:NT$1,280
  • Eligibility:
    • The All Pass Ticket must be activated within 30 days after the date of purchase.
    • Place the ticket over the automatic payment sensor at the gates of any Metro station, the Danhai LRT, or on buses to activate it automatically. Valid for 30 consecutive days from the date of activation (inclusive).
    • The ticket is valid for unlimited travel on the Taipei Metro, Danhai LRT, and all buses (except on those charging by distance) in the Greater Taipei area within its validity period. Cardholders also enjoy the first 30 minutes of any YouBike rental session within the Greater Taipei area for free (registration required). Valid for only one passenger at a time.
  • Where to purchase:
    • EasyCards: Bring your EasyCard to any Taipei Metro station. Samsung Pay EasyCard holders may also purchase tickets through the Samsung Pay App.
    • Easy Wallet: Purchase through the EasyCard Corp. authorized app.

Stored value card (IC cards, can be topped up)

Stored value card
  • Catagory:EasyCard, iPASS, icash
  • Price:NT$100
  • Eligibility:General public
  • Where to purchase:Available at convenience stores, MRT information counters, and EasyCard Customer Service Centers.

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Taipei MRT First & Last Trains

Taipei MRT operates from the first train at 6:00 am to the last train at 12:00 pm, including Wenhu Line, Tamsui-Xinyi Line, Songshan-Xindian Line, Zhonghe-Xinlu Line, Bannan Line, Circular Line.

Metro Etiquette&Safety Guide

There are some rules and tips that passengers need to follow. Follow these precautions and do not break them.

  • Mind the gap between train and platform.
  • Let passengers alight first.
  • Yield to the elderly, pregnant women, people with strollers or luggage and the disables.
  • Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum on the Metro or in stations. Stow your food and drinks in your bag.
  • In consideration of others, please remove your backpacks and hold them by hand when entering Metro cars.

Taipei MRT Common Q&A

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