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Planning a business trip, family vacation, or weekend getaway? Which accommodation option is best for you: a serviced apartment or a hotel?

In choosing the right accommodation for your vacation, weekend getaway, or business trip, you should take several factors into account.

Among them are your length of stay, the amenities you need,the location of the service apartment / hotel as well as your budget.

Unlike hotels, most of us have no idea what serviced apartments are. Read on to learn what to expect from serviced apartments on your next overseas or local trip – they’ll help you plan.

What is a serviced apartment?

You can think of a service apartment as your home away from home. Like a hotel room, but fully furnished, it provides you with a number of home-like amenities and services. The majority of bedrooms have built in desks or dedicated working areas, making them perfect for travelers on business as well as tourists. You will find amenities such as WiFi, Cable TV, washing machine and dryer as well as a furnished balcony or terrace. Additionally, selected locations offer on site-gyms, swimming pools, restaurants and meeting rooms.

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What makes a serviced apartment and a hotel different?

The above paragraph might have you thinking that serviced apartments are exactly like hotels; this is not the case. There are a few major differences between serviced apartments and hotels, and knowing these differences will help you decide what is best for your upcoming travel. The following are 6 differences between serviced apartments and hotels:

1. Room space

Hotel rooms in crowded cities like Taipei, can be very small. Some hotels offer large suites, but these typically cost more. The average service apartment, on the other hand offers 30-50% more space than a typical hotel room whether it be a studio or multiple bedroom serviced apartment. With this, you have more room to work , relax , cook and even run around with your kids or pets.

2. The length of stay

Apart from extended stay hotels, most hotels are designed for short stays. A hotel room can be a challenge for extended stays, especially without a kitchen, laundry facility or a large amount of space. In contrast, serviced apartments cater to longer stays. Hence, business travelers on an extended work trip in a single city, homeowners undergoing renovations, and families on extended vacations who wish to experience a city over an extended period of time can benefit from serviced apartments.

3. Kitchen space

While some hotels may have kitchens, the kitchen space is often very small and lacks the necessary utensils to put together meals. As the restaurants in the hotel already provide food, cooking is usually not permitted in hotels. Serviced apartments, however, feature large kitchens equipped with appliances such as refrigerators, microwave, plates and other kitchen equipment. You can prepare homemade food for yourself,kids and even pets in a serviced apartment.

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Source:Jolley Hotel

4. Amenities provided

The amenities provided at hotels and serviced apartments can vary. A hotel may provide amenities such as room service, minibars, an indoor restaurant, a spa, and sauna that serviced apartments might not. Serviced apartments are replicas of your own homes, offering a fully-functional and furnished house with everything you need on a daily basis. Typically, the apartment features a bedroom, a kitchen, and all the necessary technology to make life comfortable.

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Source:CK Serviced Residence

5. Cost

Considering the length of the stay, hotels and serviced apartments have different price points. The costs of long-term hotel stays can be exorbitant, especially if you are always ordering food from the restaurant or room service rather than cooking yourself. A service apartment, on the other hand, is much less expensive, especially if you’re staying a long time. Most serviced apartments charge 30 to 50 percent less than your regular hotel.

6. Location

While hotels are usually located near major attractions or airports, serviced apartments can be located almost anywhere within a city.

Scenarios where it may be better to live in a serviced apartment

Business trip

When traveling for work, getting comfortable, spacious accommodations is important, especially if you will be staying for a long period. When you’re on a business trip, hotel rooms often do not provide the same level of comfort and home-like atmosphere that you’re looking for, so if you’re tired of living out of a single room for weeks on end with barely any space to work in, you might want to consider staying in a serviced apartment instead.

Travel and leisure

A serviced apartment gives you the feeling of being at home. It allows you to live independently and conduct yourself however you please while traveling. Additionally, a serviced apartment is more kid-friendly since it is not just a bedroom. In your separate living area, you will find dedicated bedrooms for relaxing and unwinding making it an ideal accommodation for travel and leisure.


In general, serviced apartments are a better option than hotels for those who want to stay for a long period of time at a great price with more services and comfort.

Recommended Serviced Apartments in Taiwan

These days it is easy to book a serviced apartment from anywhere in the world, and renting a serviced apartment in Taiwan can have a variety of benefits compared to staying in a hotel. Whether you need to compare prices, find a professionally managed property, or book apartments in a region where Airbnb doesn’t offer many properties, alternatives such as mrhost help you locate several great new serviced apartments. They provide tailored personal/business accommodation services based on your specific needs or the needs of your organization.


Located in the city of Taipei, Gloria Residence offers the most famous serviced apartments in Zhongshan District. Their serviced apartments are spacious and decorated with wooden furnishings. Their kitchens have an espresso machine and stainless steel kitchenware; this might be music to your ears if you are a chef. Neighbors there include Ningxia Night Market, Qingguang Shopping District, the Museum of Contemporary Art etc. You may easily access anything you’re looking for, including tourist attractions, shopping opportunities, and artistic and cultural attractions.Gloria Residence has both a serviced apartment and a hotel license, so you can book a room for a single night.

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Source: Gloria Residence

Client testimonial

‘One of the best experiences and rooms you can get at the same price. Modern and stylish decoration, high privacy and apartment like room is just fascinating. Location is great too, surrounded by nice restaurants and close to Taipei main station.
On top of that, their service is top notch.’ ~Liam L

The Denizen

A serviced apartment building that straddles Da’an and Xinyi districts in Taipei, The Denizen offers one of the newest serviced residences in the city. Each studio apartment at the Denizen is designed to excite and liven the senses, blending a contemporary style and functional features to evoke the absolute best in comfort, convenience and style. The Denizen also has a hotel license meaning that you can book a room for stays as short as one night. Keeping in mind Taiwan’s quarantine protocols, The Denzin accommodates inbound travelers who need to complete their 3 days of quarantine and 4 days of self-initiated epidemic prevention.

The Denizen

Client testimonial

‘This place is incredibly comfortable, clean, and classy. The layouts of the rooms are very meticulously planned out, and small touches that I have never even considered before when planning my stays away from home contributed to a much more pleasant living experience.I highly recommend The Denizen for those who want top tier hotel-style service, but still want to feel like they’re in a home away from home.’ ~Liz

Summary:Serviced Apartments May Be Better For You

A serviced apartment offers all the comforts of home. It’s like staying at home away from home when you’re on vacation.If you like the idea of living in such a place, you should look for leads right away and book the best serviced apartment. If not you can stick to extended-stay hotels or look to other forms of accommodation.

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