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Are you planning to stay in Taipei for an extended period and looking for a comfortable, hassle-free accommodation option? Serviced apartments might be the perfect solution for you. These fully furnished apartments offer a range of amenities and services that make people feel at home during their stay in Taipei.

Moreover, if you’re searching for a monthly rental serviced apartment in Taipei, you’ll be glad to know that there are several options available. Serviced apartments provide a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional hotels, whether you’re visiting Taipei for work or leisure.

In this article, we’ll explore who might find serviced apartments suitable, compare various monthly serviced apartments available in Taipei, and present a list of the top 5 serviced apartments in the city.

Who is Suitable for Monthly Service Apartments?

Family Trips for Longer Periods of Time

During summer or winter vacations, many families choose to spend several weeks or even months staying in Taiwan. In this case, a monthly serviced apartment is a family-friendly option. These service apartments offer high-quality services, allowing parents to relax after a long day of activities while children can enjoy the amenities such as swimming pools or gaming rooms. Additionally, these apartments come in various room types that can cater to families of any size.

Business Trip

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Unlike hotels, monthly serviced apartments provide a homely atmosphere with more space, a separate living area, and a fully equipped kitchen. This is particularly beneficial for business travelers who may need to work or hold meetings from their accommodation. Additionally, most serviced apartments are located in central areas, making it easy for business travelers to commute to their workplace or meetings. Finally, many serviced apartments offer office facilities such as printers, scanners, and copiers are also important for business travelers.

House Relocating or Renovating

Monthly serviced apartments can provide a comfortable and convenient solution for these situations. They offer a home-like environment with basic equipment and amenities, eliminating the need to carry a lot of daily necessities. Additionally, they provide flexibility in terms of length of stay, which can be especially helpful for those unsure of the exact duration of their relocation or renovation process.

Overall, monthly serviced apartments are a great option for anyone looking for a comfortable, flexible, and convenient accommodation solution. Whether you are traveling with your family, on a business trip, or in the process of relocating or renovating your home, a serviced apartment can provide a comfortable and homely environment that meets your needs.

Taipei Monthly Serviced Apartment Prices

House prircing, source: rawpixel.com

The prices of monthly serviced apartments in Taipei can vary greatly depending on the location, size, and level of service. Here is a breakdown of the prices for three different levels of monthly serviced apartments in Taipei:

  • Level 1: TWD $50,000 – TWD $100,000
  • Level 2: TWD $100,000 – TWD $150,000
  • Level 3: TWD 150,000 and above

Level 1

These apartments offer essential furnishings and housekeeping services, including a bed, a desk, and a weekly cleaning service. They may also have simple kitchen facilities, such as a microwave and a refrigerator.

It is more suitable for individuals or families who are on a budget or only need a temporary living arrangement. For example, students who are studying abroad, interns, or young professionals who are starting their careers may find Level 1 serviced apartments to be a practical and convenient option.

Serviced ApartmentLocationMonthly PricePrice Per Night
Forte Green garden apartmentSongshan Districtfrom TWD33,000from TWD 1,100
Jolley HotelZhongshan Districtfrom TWD 92,970from TWD 3,099
The Corner HouseDaan Districtfrom TWD 79,200from TWD 2,640
Jean Residence Park259Zhongzheng Districtfrom TWD 92,010from TWD 3,027
Olala Lin ApartmentsBanqiao Districtfrom TWD 87,000from TWD 2,900

Level 2

In this price range offer more luxurious amenities and services than level 1. They are usually located in the central areas of Taipei, close to public transportation, restaurants, and shopping centers. These apartments are more spacious and come with more sophisticated furnishings, including a comfortable sofa, a flat-screen TV, and a high-quality bed. The kitchen facilities are also better equipped, including a stove, a dishwasher, and a coffee machine.

Serviced ApartmentLocationMonthly PricePrice Per Night
GLORIA RESIDENCEZhongshan Districtfrom TWD 141,090from TWD 4,603

Level 3

Level 3 serviced apartments in this price range are the most luxurious and exclusive. They are usually located in the prime areas of Taipei. They are close to high-end shopping centers, restaurants, and business districts. These apartments offer the most sophisticated and elegant furnishings.

Serviced ApartmentLocationMonthly PricePrice Per Night
The DenizenDaan Districtfrom TWD 179,999from TWD 5,999
Leofoo ResidencesZhongshan Districtfrom TWD 169,500from TWD 5,600

Top 5 Taipei Service Apartments

The Denizen

The Denizen is a luxurious serviced apartment situated in the heart of Taipei’s Da’an District. With its floor-to-ceiling windows, guests can relish the breathtaking views of the lush greenery surrounding the building, providing a serene atmosphere in the midst of the bustling city.

The Denizen offers a wide range of facilities to ensure comfort and convenience. These include a state-of-the-art fitness center, a relaxing terrace area, and a round-the-clock reception desk. Each of the apartment’s rooms is equipped with modern amenities such as high-speed broadband internet, flat-screen TVs, coffee makers, and air conditioning.

It is a high level serviced apartment, making it a great choice for business travelers or those willing to pay a premium price for top-quality accommodation. With monthly rates starting at TWD 179,999 and nightly rates starting at TWD 5,999, guests can enjoy a luxurious stay in the heart of Taipei’s Da’an District. Its state-of-the-art amenities, including a fitness center, terrace, and 24-hour reception, ensure guests’ comfort and convenience during their stay.

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Room TypeAverage Monthly Price
StudioTWD 170,000

Jean Residence Park259

Jean R​​esidence Park259 is a serviced apartment that offers short-term stays to both business travelers and families visiting Taipei. Its excellent location, just a 2-minute walk from Dongmeng Station and with the Xinyi bus route right outside the front gate, provides convenient transportation options for guests.

Located near the Yong Kang shopping district, Jean Residence Park259 offers guests easy access to local street food, such as bubble tea and beef noodle, as well as unique shops to explore and discover local treasures.

Despite its excellent location and high-quality amenities, Jean Residence Park259 is budget-friendly, with monthly rates starting at TWD 92,010. Guests can still enjoy essential amenities such as a gym and 24-hour reception without breaking the bank. As a result, it is an excellent option for families or individuals with limited budgets seeking an environment for short-term rentals.

Room TypeAverage Monthly Price
Deluxe RoomTWD 90,000
Flagship RoomTWD 120,000
Premium SuiteTWD 130,000
Flagship SuiteTWD 150,000

Jolley Hotel

Jolley Hotel is a serviced apartment located in Taipei’s Zhongshan District, conveniently situated just a 5-minute walk from Zhongshan Elementary School MRT Station. Its prime location near popular Taipei attractions like the Ningxia Night Market, Xingtian Temple, and TAIPEI EXPO PARK makes it an excellent choice for travelers looking to explore the city.

Guests can start their day with a buffet breakfast served at the property, providing them with the energy needed to explore the city. Additionally, Jolley Hotel provides travel tips and transportation information to guests, ensuring they have a smooth and hassle-free stay in Taipei.

At a monthly price starting from TWD 92,970 and a price per night from TWD 3,099, Jolley Hotel offers budget-friendly accommodation for students or budget-conscious travelers looking for short-term stays in Taipei.

Room TypeAverage Monthly Price
Superior RoomTWD 95,000
DeluxeTWD 105,000

Gloria Residence

Gloria Residence is a luxurious serviced apartment located in Zhongshan District, just an 8-minute walk from Shuanglian Station. Its prime location makes it easy for guests to explore Taipei City and enjoy the famous Ningxia Night Market, known for its delicious street food.

Each spacious and beautifully decorated apartment at Gloria Residence features wooden furnishings and modern amenities such as a TV, DVD player, and iPod dock. It offers guests a luxurious and convenient stay in Taipei City. With prices ranging from LV2, guests can enjoy high-end facilities and superior services at a more affordable price point.

In terms of price, Gloria Residence is considered a level 2 service apartment with monthly rates belowTWD 150,000. This makes it an excellent choice for travelers seeking high-end facilities and better service. So, whether it’s for business or pleasure, Gloria Residence is an outstanding option for anyone looking for a luxurious and convenient stay in Taipei City.

Room TypeAverage Monthly Price
Abundance RoomTWD 160,000
Infinity RoomTWD 170,000
Oasis Room

Leofoo Residences

Leofoo Residences is a high-level serviced apartment hotel located in the Zhongshan District, providing long-term accommodation options for business travelers. The hotel offers two room types, namely the Park View Suite and the City View Suite, both of which are equipped with essential amenities such as toiletries, a hairdryer, a mini bar, a fridge, a microwave, a lounge area, and cable/satellite TV, providing a comfortable and homely feel for guests.

The monthly average price for the Park View Suite is TWD 170,000, while the City View Suite is priced at an average of TWD 180,000 per month. These prices fall within the level 3 price range for serviced apartments, which is considered relatively high. However, guests can enjoy the luxurious facilities and exceptional views, making it a worthwhile investment for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Room TypeAverage Monthly Price
Superior RoomTWD 170,000
DeluxeTWD 180,000


In conclusion, if you have to stay in Taipei for a period of time, serviced apartments can provide you with comfort, convenience, and flexibility. With a range of price points and amenities available, you can choose the perfect serviced apartment to suit your needs and budget. From Level 1 to Level 3, the monthly rental price for serviced apartments in Taipei varies greatly, with Level 3 being the most luxurious and expensive. And with our top 5 picks for Taipei serviced apartments, you can find the perfect place to call home during your stay in Taipei.

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