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Daan Forest Park covers an area of 26 hectares in Daan District, Taipei. It is a highly ecological park with a dense urban forest known as the “Lung of the City.” In addition to offering public leisure, Daan Forest Park provides a habitat for animals.

Facilities in Daan Forest Park

The trail in Daan Forest Park is lined with shrubs and trees, with flower beds decorating the landscape. Daan Forest Park is built in the form of forests, and there is greenery for the enjoyment of the public and many pavilions for visitors to relax in.

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Source: Wikipedia

Daan Park Pavilion (大安森林公園-露天音樂台)

The open-air stage in Daan Forest Park has a unique, distinctive design and seats over 900 people. It is often used for large-scale performances and is often the venue for candidates’ campaigning activities during elections.

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Daan Park Pavilion, Source: 台北市政府觀光傳播局

This open-air stage is Taipei City’s leading venue for musical performances. The famous Taiwanese band Mayday was officially founded and performed for the first time in 1997 at a music event held here. In 2017, Mayday held its 20th-anniversary concert here to celebrate the glorious years they had spent.

Children’s Playground in Daan Forest Park(大安森林公園森林之王遊戲區)

The Children’s Playground in Daan Forest Park is forest themed, where children can take on the role of a forest creature and venture around the forest. It has a large area of wood chip paving to soften the impact of children coming down the slides. The children’s playground is also barrier-free, so the disabled can enjoy it too!

Daan Forest Park Roller Skating Rink(大安森林公園直排輪場)

Summer is a time of enthusiasm. Daan Forest Park Roller Skating Rink is a popular place for skaters to gather in the evenings and enjoy skating. It is also an excellent place for children and beginners to learn to skate.

Da’an Park Ecological Pond(大安森林公園生態池)

There are two artificial islands on the Da’an Park Ecological Pond. The dense trees on the islands provide a peaceful space for birds to gather and breed. Other small animals, such as turtles, geese, and squirrels around the ponds, are not afraid of people.

A bald cypress trail has been built next to the ecological pond. The bald cypress leaves are shaped like light feathers, which will turn a romantic reddish-orange color during winter. When the bald cypress leaves fall from the sky, it is truly a fantastic sight that will make you unforgettable.

Fun Activities To Do in Daan Forest Park

Many visitors to Daan Forest Park are in a rush, so they overlook the charms of Daan Forest Park. Here are some of the activities often held in Daan Forest Park as a way for you to take a moment to discover more of Daan Forest Park’s attractions.

Flower Viewing

Azalea is the city flower of Taipei. Daan Forest Park is the best place to view azaleas in Taipei City. Many related events are held in Daan Forest Park every March during the azalea season, such as concerts, cultural and creative markets, and so on, inviting everyone to experience the charm of spring together.

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Source: 大安森林公園之友基金會

Bird Watching

The Wild Bird Society of Taipei organizes bird-watching activities beside the ecological pond every Sunday. You can observe the bird’s plumage through the high-magnification binoculars while learning about more birds through the volunteer interpretation service.

Firefly Watching

With urbanization, the relationship between humans and nature has become increasingly distant. The Taipei City Government has been working hard to restore fireflies in Daan Forest Park to achieve the coexistence between nature and the city. The best time to watch fireflies is mid-April to early May. Volunteers are on hand to give guided tours at Daan Forest Park.

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Source: 台北市政府觀光傳播局

In Taipei’s crowded city life, Daan Forest Park creates a tranquil and comfortable space where people can forget their frustrations and relieve their mental stress. These enjoyable activities are also great for bringing friends and loved ones to bond.

How to Plan A Day Trip around Daan Forest Park?

After soaking up the natural atmosphere in Daan Forest Park, what else is there to do around the area? Here are a few recommendations to help you plan your day trip!

Former Residence of Yin Hai-Kuang(殷海光故居)

Yin Hai-Kuang was an important figure in Chinese liberalism and greatly influenced the subsequent development of democratic politics in Taiwan. He fought against the prohibition of speech and thoughts with his words and was courageous in confronting authoritarianism and criticizing current affairs. The house is a one-story wooden Japanese house that has been preserved as much as possible from when Yin Hai-Kuang lived there. Every corner is filled with nostalgic history traces, and the quiet space feels like time has reached a standstill.

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Former Residence of Yin Hai-Kuang, Source: 臺北旅遊網

National Taiwan University(國立台灣大學)

National Taiwan University (NTU) is the first higher education institution in Taiwan and is ranked 1st in Taiwan. You can walk around NTU’s campus and immerse yourself in its academic ambiance. There are many popular attractions on NTU’s campus, such as Fu Bell, Drunken Moon Lake, Royal Palm Boulevard, etc.

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Source: wikipedia

Les Piccola

Les Piccola is a beautiful place to have afternoon tea with its elegant forested space. The large floor-to-ceiling windows allow the sun to shine, creating a feeling of being in a forested wonderland with lush greenery.

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Source: Les Piccola

Shida Night Market (師大夜市)

If you’re interested in Taiwan’s night market culture, Shida Night Market is where you should visit. You can find delicious local food here and enjoy the lively vibe of the night market.

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Shida Night Market, Source: Kinden Kuo

How to Go to Daan Forest Park?


Tamsui-Xinyi Line→Daan Park MRT Station, it is a 3-minute walk to Daan Park.

By Bus

  1. Take Taipei Bus 20, 204, 22, or 226 to MRT Daan Park Station
  2. Take Taipei Bus 680 to Daan Park

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