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Taipei MRT Yellow/Orange Line
Taipei MRT Yellow/Orange Line
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Taipei MRT is the city’s primary mode of public transportation. It allows people to easily get to many attractions in the cities of Taipei and New Taipei. In previous articles, we covered different metro lines in Taiwan (the blue, red, brown, and green lines). In this article, you will gain a better understanding of the Orange Line and the newly-built Yellow Line. You will also know about different attractions that you can find around these metro lines.

Orange Line – Zhonghe-Xinlu Line

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The Orange Line, also called Zhonghe-Xinlu, connects Zhonghe, Xinzhuang, and Luzhou districts. It starts at Nanshijiao in the south of New Taipei, passes through Taipei, and then splits into two branches: one to Huilong in Xinzhuang District and the other to Luzhou District.

The Orange Line’s southern section runs through Zhonghe and Yonghe districts. Both are famous for local food. Lehua night market, known for its diverse Taiwanese local food including stinky tofu, oyster omelets, fried chicken filets, and boba tea, is located near Dingxi Station on the Orange Line. In addition to the night market, you can find one of the most popular restaurants in Taiwan: World Soy Milk King. Therefore, if you are a food lover, Zhonghe and Yonghe districts on the Orange Line are definitely must-go spots.

Zhonghe-Xinlu Line Stations

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Source: mapa-metro
  • O01:Nanshijiao
  • O02:Jingan
  • O03:Yongan Market
  • O04:Dingxi
  • O05:Guting
  • O06:Dongmen
  • O07:Zhongxiao Xinsheng
  • O08:Songjiang Nanjing
  • O09:Xingtian Temple
  • O10:Xingtian TempleZhongshan Elementary School
  • O11:Minquan West Road
  • O12:Daqiaotou
  • O13:Taipei Bridge
  • O14:Cailiao
  • O15:Sanchong
  • O16:Xianse Temple
  • O17:Touqianzhuang
  • O18:Xinzhuang
  • O19:Fu Jen University
  • O20:Danfeng
  • O21:Huilong
  • O50:Sanchong Elementary School
  • O51:Sanhe Junior High School
  • O52:St Ignatius High School
  • O53:Sanmin Senior High School
  • O54:Luzhou

Intersections with other metro lines

The Orange Line also intersects with other stations, as shown in the following table.

Blue LineRed LineGreen LineBrown LineYellow Line
(Zhongxiao Xinsheng)
(Minquan West Road)
(Songjiang Nanjing)
Taipei MRT Orange Line intersections

If you are going to the Taoyuan Airport, you can also get off at O15 (Sanchong Station) on the Orange Line.

Orange Line Ticket Fare

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The ticket fare depends on your departure and destination stations. The cheapest you will pay is NTD$20, while the maximum you will pay for the ticket fare is NTD$40. The single-journey ticket (discount ticket) is 60% off, and the one-day pass is NTD$150.

Attractions nearby Taipei MRT Orange Line

Lehua Night Market (樂華觀光夜市)

Lehua Night Market

Lehua Night Market is the best night market in Yonghe District. When you arrive at Dingxi MRT station O04, you can easily get to the night market within 10 minutes. There, you can find many kinds of restaurants, clothing stores, entertainment, and snack stalls. Lehua Night Market also offers Japanese sushi, Turkish Doner Kebab, Thai green papaya salad, Korean seafood pajeon, and many other kinds of foreign specialties. You should definitely try their famous Yonghe Doujiang (sweet soy milk).

Xingtian Temple (行天宮)

Xingtian Temple

Xingtian Temple (Xingtian Gong) is one of the famous temples located in Zhongshan District. You can take the Orange Line and get off at Xingtian Temple Station O09 to get there. It is located just beside the metro station. The Taiwanese will bring flowers and fruit as offerings and will worship and ask for blessings. As a foreigner, you can also enjoy Taiwan’s traditional culture there. Just make sure you pay attention to the operating hours (8:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m. every day).

New Taipei Metropolitan Park (新北都會公園)

New Taipei Metropolitan Park

The New Taipei Metropolitan Park, located a one-minute walk from Sanchong Station on the Orange Line O15, is the city’s largest park, covering 424 hectares. There are several areas in the park, including grasslands, basketball courts, tennis courts, slides, and bicycle paths. It is a comfortable and relaxing space for parents and children, teenagers, and couples. Visitors can enjoy leisure time there.

Yellow Line – Circular Line

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The Yellow Line is the most recent metro line system, having begun service in 2020. It is the only one that doesn’t pass through Taipei; it just operates within New Taipei City. The Yellow Line connects Xindian, Yonghe, Banqiao, and Xinzhuang districts. Since it is not complete yet, the Yellow Line does not have a circular look on the map. However, once the other stations are built, they will form a complete circle that connects all of Taipei’s surrounding districts.

t045 09
Source: mapa-metro
  • Y06:Dapinglin
  • Y07:Shisizhang
  • Y08:Xiulang Bridge
  • Y09:Jingping
  • Y10:Jingan
  • Y11:Zhonghe
  • Y12:Qiaohe
  • Y13:Zhongyuan
  • Y14:Banxin
  • Y15:Banqiao
  • Y16:Xinpu Minsheng
  • Y17:Touqianzhuang
  • Y18:Xingfu
  • Y19:New Taipei Industrial Park

Information of Transfer Station

The Yellow Line intersects with other metro lines and other forms of transportation in Taiwan, as shown on the two tables below.

Transfer to other metro lines

Blue LineRed LineGreen LineBrown LineOrange Line
(Xinpu Minsheng)
Taipei MRT Yellow Line intersections

Transfer to other metro lines

High-speed railRailwayAirport MRTLong-Distance Bus
(New Taipei Industrial Park)
Taipei MRT Yellow Line transfer to other metro lines

Yellow Line Ticket Fare

Yellow Line Ticket Fare

The ticket fare depends on your departure and destination stations. The cheapest you will pay is NTD$20, while the maximum you will pay for the ticket fare is NTD$40. The single-journey ticket (discount ticket) is 60% off, and the one-day pass is NTD$150.

Attractions nearby Taipei MRT Yellow Line

Yinhedong Waterfall (銀河洞瀑布)

Yinhedong Waterfall
Source: Xiao Mei

Yinhe Dong Waterfall, also called Yinhe Cave Waterfall, is a magnificent landscape located in Xindian District, New Taipei City. It is easily accessible by public transportation (Dapinglin Station of the Yellow Line, Y06). The hike takes less than ten minutes to get there from the trailhead. Yinhe Dong Waterfall literally means “Silver River Cave” as the waterfall in front of The cave has a silver appearance. This waterfall is one of the most popular attractions in New Taipei City. It’s spectacular and definitely worth a stop for anyone in Taiwan.

Hongludi Nanshan Fude Temple (烘爐地南山福德宮)

Hongludi Nanshan Fude Temple

Hong Ludi Nanshan Fude Temple is located in Nanshijiao Mountain, about 15 minutes drive from the Yellow Line’s Jingping Station Y09. On the temple stands a massive god statue that stands 109 feet tall. When there is a festival, Taiwanese people will come to the temple and worship for blessings. In addition, the area is famous for its night view. There are 423 stone stairs to the main hall that you can walk up to have a great view of all of New Taipei.

Crescent Bridge (新月橋)

Crescent Bridge

Located a 10-minute walk from Touqianzhuang Station on the Yellow Line Y17, the Crescent Bridge is a long bridge of 1,133 meters available only for walking or riding bicycles in New Taipei City. It is also the longest double-span steel arch bridge in Taiwan. The wide bikeway and pedestrian walk on the bridge allow you to enjoy the riverside scenery and wetland ecology during the day and the wonderful light show at night.

The Crescent Bridge has four viewing platforms with different characteristics. The bridge connects Banqiao 435 Art Zone and Xinzhuang Old Street. Towards the direction of Banqiao 435 Art Zone, there is the popular 60-meter-long skywalk. It is a nice place for a walk.

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