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The best part of Taipei is that travelers can easily get to many of the famous night markets in the city via the convenient MRT and taste all the Taiwanese food you want.

If traditional snacks are the beginning of understanding a city, then bars must be one of the ways to get a deeper understanding of the city’s diverse landscape. What kind of places do you spend your after-work relaxation time in after dark?

In this article, we hope that foreign travelers can use this Taipei bar map to get great cocktails and experience and enjoy the nightlife in Taipei at different points in time.

We also recommend some classic cocktails, gin and whiskey, so that you can experience Taipei’s unique bar scene from sunset to early morning, whether you want to relax or celebrate, so you won’t want to go home every night. Hope you’ll enjoy this Taipei bar map and enjoy your nightlife in Taipei.

The bars and bistro you can enjoy during dinner time

18:00 Taipei bar recommendation: Bar Mood Taipei 吧沐

High Bar

We would like to introduce you to a famous bar in Taiwan. This bar is located in the MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station and in the alley on Daan Road. It has a low-key appearance but the creative bartending is really great, and the food is very tasty. It is a rare bar where you are very satisfied with what you eat and drink and will keep coming back after you leave.

Unlike other bars, Bar Mood is a brightly lit and cleanly designed space that gives people the impression that they are in a gallery. The High Bar is an outside bar where people who just want to stand and have a drink can relax, and offers six flavors of sparkling cocktails such as hibiscus, Earl Grey, and forest breath.


  • Opening hours: 18:00-01:00
  • Address: No. 53, Lane 160, Sec. 1, Dunhua South Road, Da-an District, Taipei 106, Taiwan
  • Nearby MRT station: 5 minute walk from Zhongxiao Fuxing Station

Consecutive entries in Asia’s 50 Best Bars

What are Asia’s Top 50 Bars?

The World’s 50 Best Bars, organized by William Reed Business Media, is the world’s most recognized, unbiased and authoritative annual bar awards, and is a list of recommendations from more than 540 bar industry experts from around the world.

According to the official World’s 50 Best Bars website, each of these “judges” has seven votes, and according to the rules of the conference, they must have visited the bar of their choice within 18 months prior to voting, and must not be a shareholder, operator, or even have any commercial interest in the bar. In addition, to maintain fairness and geographic diversity, each judge was required to assign at least three votes to bars located outside their “country of residence” and remain anonymous throughout the voting process.

The 50 Best Bars in Asia list is a lifelong honor, and in recent years has become a key reference for wine lovers in Taiwan.

20:00 Taipei bar recommendation: Indulge Bistro 餐酒館

Doorway view
Source:Indulge Bistro

Aki Wang, the founder of Indulge Bistro, has been called the “Father of Chinese Cocktails” by the restaurant industry.

Indulge Bistro has been on the list of Asia’s Top 50 Bars for many times, and in 2022 it was again ranked #6 on Asia’s Top 50 Bars. Indulge Bistro’s wine list or menu is full of surprises as Aki and his team of bartenders use Taiwanese tea leaves and seasonal ingredients to create their own creations.

Source:Indulge Bistro IG

  • Opening hours: 18:00-01:00
  • Address: No. 11, Lane 219, Sec. 1, Fuxing South Road, Daan District, Taipei 106, Taiwan
  • Nearby MRT station: 5 minute walk from Zhongxiao Fuxing Station

21:30 Taipei bar recommendation: AHA Saloon

Bar Environment
Source:AHA Saloon

AHA Saloon opened in 2018 and was founded by a golden line-up of three renowned bartenders, Kae, Victor and Jeffrey, all of whom have won the Diageo World Class award at the world’s top bartender competition, so you can expect the creative bartending at AHA Saloon to be amazing! The “Just Drink” plaque above the bar combined with the European-style décor perfectly embodies the spirit of AHA, and AHA wants to convey to everyone who comes here that since they are here, they should leave their work, feelings and worries behind and just drink.

Source:AHA Saloon

  • Opening hours: 20:00-02:00
  • Address: No. 138, Sec. 2, Fuxing South Road, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Nearby MRT station: 5 minute walk from Technology Building Station

Taipei hidden bar, you can feel the most personalized underground bar

23:00 Taipei bar recommendation: Ounce Taipei

Bar Environment
Source:Ounce Taipei

Have you ever wandered around the street many times but you can’t find the entrance to a certain bar?
The address is right, but what you see in front of you is a suit store, a bookstore, a cafe…?

In fact, these mysterious speakeasy bars (Speakeasy) originated with the enactment of Prohibition in the United States.
The original spirit of New York speakeasy is the “know-it-all” approach to entry, where you must first know where the bar is and be led by an acquaintance to follow the correct instructions before you can enter.
Ounce Taipei, with its strong New York influence, not only serves New York-style food and drinks, but also creates an atmosphere and style that is reminiscent of a New York speakeasy, offering classic cocktails with a New York twist.

Specialty Cocktails
Source:Ounce Taipei
  • Opening hours: 18:00-02:00
  • Address: No. 309, Sec. 4, Xinyi Road, Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Nearby MRT station: 5 minute walk from Xinyi Anhe Station

A high bar where you can drink while watching the night view

00:30 Taipei bar recommendation: Drunk Play 爛醉不累

Bar Environment
Source:Drunk Play

The Xinyi District is the first-class battle zone of Taipei’s nightlife, where you can enjoy the most beautiful night view of the city and the most famous 101 building directly in front of you, and enjoy listening to music while drinking in an open-air environment. The private rooms at Drunk Play are so spacious that many people choose to come here to celebrate their birthday, and every holiday there is a DJ on hand to play music. Do you want to have fun with Cocktails? No dead angle close taipei101?Then come and have fun at Drunk Play!

Source:Drunk Play

  • Opening hours:
    • Monday – Thursday 19:00-02:00
    • Friday – Saturday 15:00-04:00
    • Sunday 15:00-02:00
  • Address: No. 12-11, Songshou Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City , Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Nearby MRT station:5 minute walk from Mrt Taipei 101/World Trade Center Sta.(City Hall Rd.)

Whether you are a business traveler or visiting Taiwan for sightseeing, there are actually many unique bars in Taipei waiting for you to discover! There are lively ones, and there are also quality spaces where you can enjoy a drink alone. When you want to celebrate or relax, spend your time in a slightly drunken atmosphere!

Although the five bars mentioned above are all close to MRT stations, sometimes when you leave the bar it is already past the time of MRT service. You will need to take a taxi home, and taxis in Taiwan are very diverse, so we have a guide for you to take a taxi, you can drink happily and go home safely.

Apart from our recommended bars, what other bars in Taipei do you think are worth visiting?

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