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Taoyuan Airport MRT is a traffic system which shortens the distance between Taipei and Taoyuan Airport, only taking 35 minutes from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Main Station. On the other hand, passengers can also take Taoyuan Airport MRT to visit some viewpoints along the MRT stations. Basically, this traffic system is the best choice for foreign travelers to commute or travel between the airport and Taipei.

Taoyuan Airport MRT to Taipei Main Station

Taoyuan Airport MRT Route Map

There are 21 stations on the routes, including Taipei Main Station (A1), Sanchong (A2) , New Taipei Industrial Park (A3), Xinzhuang Fuduxin (A4), Taishan (A5), Taishan Guihe (A6), National Taiwan Sport University (A7), Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (A8), Linkou (A9), Shanbi (A10), Kengkou (A11), Airport Terminal 1 (A12), Airport Terminal 2 (A13), Airport Hotel (A14), Dayuan (A15), Hengshen (A16), Linghang (A17), Taoyuan HSR Station (A18), Taoyuan Sports Park (A19), Xingnan (A20), Huanbei (A21).

Taoyuan Airport MRT Route Map
Taoyuan Airport MRT Route Map, source: Taoyuan Airport MRT

Two types of MRT lines

Express Train (Purple Line)

Express is a faster choice than Commuter Train, only stopping at 4 stations. It is suitable for international travelers who are in a hurry.

  • Train frequency interval:15minutes
  • Stops:A1, A3, A8, A12 ,A13(From March 2018, some express trains will stop at A18 and A21.)
  • Luggage space: 122 compartments for 28-inch luggage, 604 compartments for 20-inch luggage.
  • Wireless charging: Available
  • Free 4G Wi-Fi: Available

Commuter Train (Blue Line)

The Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 to Taipei Main Station Commuter Train stops at all stations and takes 50 minutes. It is more ideal for regular commuters than for foreign tourists.

  • Train frequency interval:15minutes
  • Stops:All stations
  • Luggage space: 252 compartments for 20-inch luggage.
  • Wireless charging: Not Available
  • Free 4G Wi-Fi: Available

Ticket Prices and Types

Single-Journey Ticket

  • ELIGIBILITY:All passengers
  • PRICE: $ NTD 150 from the airport to Taipei station (ticket fare)
  • POINT OF PURCHASE:Token Issuing Machines or Information Counters

One Day Pass

t034 3
  • ELIGIBILITY:All passengers
  • PRICE: $ NTD 320
  • POINT OF PURCHASE:Information Counter

Periodic Ticket

  1. ELIGIBILITY:All passengers
  • PRICE:
    • 7-Day:25%OFF
    • 30-Day:30%OFF
    • 60-Day:35%OFF
    • 90-Day:40%OFF
    • 120-Day:50%OFF
  • POINT OF PURCHASE:Information Counter

Ticket company’s stored-value cards

    • Regular cards:The general public
    • Student cards:Students over age 12 with their status recognized by the Ministry of Education are eligible for student cards.
    • Concession cards:Children over age 6 but under 12, Seniors over age 65, The disabled having a disability card (certificate)
    • Co-Branded EasyCards:The general public
    • Each empty card costs NT$100.
    • Card Vending and Add Value Machine:
    • You can add NT$100 each time, or any multiples of NT$100. Station Information Counter: Any value can be added to the card; value added is not limited to NT$ 100 or any units of NT$100.
  • POINT OF PURCHASE:Information Counter

Taoyuan Airport MRT vs. Other Transportation

Although there are many ways from Taoyuan airport to Taipei City, Taoyuan Airport MRT is still the best choice for passengers. Let’s compare Taoyuan Airport MRT to other transportation options.

Taoyuan airport to Taipei

time35 minutes55 minutes60 minutes
feeNTD $150NTD $135NTD $1000~1600
Interval15 minutes30-60 minutes
Service Hours06:00 ~ 24:0006:00 ~ 1:0024hours

In-Town Check-In Services

Taoyuan Airport MRT is not only the fastest transportation from Taipei City to Taoyuan Airport, but also provides a convenient In-Town Check-In service. It allows airline passengers to check in their luggage, choose their seat, and get their boarding pass at A1 Taipei Main Station or A3 New Taipei Industrial Park Station. Thus, passengers no longer have to check in at the airport, they can use In-Town Check-In to complete all things before they arrive at the airport.

How to Use In-Town Check-In Services

Please follow these 4 steps:

Step 1: Passengers to ITCI at A1 Taipei Main Station / A3 New Taipei Industrial Park Station
Step 2:

  • Bring the plane ticket and your passport to the airline counter for check-in and have your luggage checked-in too.
  • Use the self-help check-in machine to check-in and then go to the self-baggage check-in machine to have the luggage checked.

Step 3: Passengers wait for their luggage to pass the X-ray security screening.
Step 4: Passengers take the Taoyuan Airport MRT to the airport and board the aircraft. Their luggage will be delivered by the Taoyuan Airport MRT Express Train to the designated airplane.

5 Recommended Taoyuan Airport MRT Scenery

National Taiwan Museum

National Taiwan Museum
National Taiwan Museum, Source: 姜明雄
  • A1 Taipei Main Station

It only takes 5 minutes from MRT stations to the National Taiwan Museum on foot. There are a lot of collections and historical exhibitions at the National Taiwan Museum. If you are interested in Taiwan’s history or culture, you can learn more details by visiting the National Taiwan Museum about this small island.


  • A9 Linkou Station

Mitsui Outlet Park is the largest complex shopping park with a movie theater, shopping centers, restaurants, etc. It completely satisfies tourists’ demand for shopping, delicacies, entertainment, and life.

X park

Xpark, Source: Tony
  • A18 Taoyuan HSR Station

Xpark is a special aquarium. Its exhibition areas are fancy and modern. It breaks away from the traditional aquarium tanks and uses digital audio-visual technology to give tourists a special experience in the aquarium. You can also take the Taiwan High Speed Rail to the Xpark.

Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium

Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium
Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium, Source: Dal Lu
  • A19 Taoyuan Sports Park Station

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in Taiwan. If someone wants to know more about Taiwanese people, nothing is more suitable than watch a baseball game in Taiwan and Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium will be the best place. Taoyuan International Baseball contains 20,000 seats and is the largest number of seats in the world.

Zhongli Tourist Night Market

Zhongli Tourist Night Market
Zhongli Tourist Night Market, Source: jlyes.com.tw
  • A21 Huanbei Station

Although Zhongli Tourist Night Market is not a big-level night market, it is still a good place for families to hang out. There are various types of delicious foods, including oyster omelet, fried chicken fillet, stinky tofu, scallion pancake, etc. Tourists can taste the most local Taiwanese food. In addition to delicious food, people can play some games to win toy rewards. Anyway, Zhongli Tourist Night Market is a good place for entertainment for young and old alike.

Taoyuan Airport MRT Common FAQ

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