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The extended-stay hotel industry has been rising in the past few years, especially as the number of business-related trips keeps increasing. Travelers’ stays are now getting longer than usual (over two weeks). Additionally, they are looking for safe, more comfortable, great atmosphere, and affordable hotels so they can have a home-away-from-home feeling.

When you are planning an extended stay away from home for you or your work team in Taiwan, you might be curious about the following: the difference between extended stay and normal hotels; how long can an extended-stay hotel be booked in Taiwan; where can one be booked; and what amenities are included with it. You landed on the right page and the right article, as this is exactly what we are going to cover in the following lines.

What is an extended-stay hotel?

An extended-stay hotel is a category of hotel that offers long-stay accommodations. It usually comes with the type of amenities that make you feel at home for several weeks or months. Among the amenities provided are laundry and an in-suite kitchen, making it a more cost-effective and convenient option than renting a normal hotel. They are mostly located near attractions, restaurants, and nightlife. Extended stay hotels vary from apartment or studio-style to luxury styles, with multiple bedrooms, larger spaces, and special features such as private terraces. They are also known for providing discounted rates compared to normal hotels.

Why would you stay in an extended-stay hotel?

Those who usually opt for an extended stay are business travelers, remote workers, interns, medical professionals, people on vacation, etc.

Business purpose

You might travel to Taiwan for a short period of time (2 to 3 months) to work for a company or for any other business purpose, and you are not looking to rent a place permanently. It is difficult to find a landlord who would be willing to rent you a place for only 3 months. Therefore, your best option is to stay at an extended-stay hotel. You will have access to more services and be in a more convenient environment, which includes a good wireless network, business equipment, mail delivery service, proximity to public transportation, etc.


You might also move to Taiwan for an internship opportunity, or maybe you are already in Taiwan and you want to move to another city to take an exam. You would like to move a few days ahead, but you do not have a place to stay. Extended-stay hotels are then your best choice, as they will provide you with excellent soundproofed rooms, fax/photocopy equipment, good WIFI, etc.


Another reason you might stay in an extended-stay hotel is for a vacation. Whether you are alone, with your friends or family, you will be interested in finding the best place to enjoy your stay. Extended-stay hotels provide you with spacious rooms where you can be at ease. Some suites often include additional beds or sofa beds to create more sleeping spaces, allowing everyone to get a good night’s sleep.

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How long can you stay at an extended-stay hotel in Taiwan?

Extended-stay hotels are useful for a variety of reasons, including vacations, business travel, and many life moments in between, such as moving to Taiwan for the first time while waiting to rent your new apartment. Usually, you can stay for as long as you want, but in Taiwan, you need to book for at least 3 days. The most common durations you will see are 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days.

The differences between extended-stay hotels and normal hotels

When you hear the term “extended stay,” you might think you just have to book the hotel for several weeks or months, but the main difference between an extended stay hotel and a regular (traditional) hotel is how the room is set up and the number of amenities that come with it, including your per-night cost. Here are some differences between extended-stay hotels and normal hotels.


Let’s start with the simplest yet one of the biggest differences between them: the kitchen. I believe you still have memories of your short-term vacation trips where you at some point had to stay at a hotel. Usually, they just provide you with a mini-fridge, a coffee maker, and maybe (MAYBE) a small microwave. Some hotels don’t even have a mini-fridge. Cooking becomes pretty challenging, and you have to eat takeout meals every day. However, an extended-stay hotel room has a well-furnished kitchen, including a stove, a full-size microwave, a larger fridge, and sometimes even a dishwasher. They also come with cabinets where you can find the necessary utensils to cook in your room.

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Normal hotel rooms don’t usually come with personalized services since guests come and go more frequently. In contrast, because the extended stay hotel is a temporary home for you, you will have access to more services that normal hotels do not provide, such as personalizing your voicemail message for your room phone, accepting mail and packages at the hotel, and you will even have access to laundry facilities or in-room laundry machines.

Room Setup

The other major difference between normal hotels and extended-stay hotels is the room setup. Usually, the traditional hotel room is a large (sometimes small) room with a private bathroom. Your bedroom and living area are mixed together, and you might only have a bar where you can hang your clothes, instead of a standard closet. However, extended-stay hotels have separate bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens, making them look more like apartments than typical hotels. You will most likely have a large closet, more freedom to design your workspace, and a sofa to watch TV on after a long day, providing you with a home-away-from-home feeling.

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You might think that, with all these advantages, extended-stay hotels would be more expensive than normal hotels. However, they are often more cost-effective for longer stays or if you are traveling with your family. In Taiwan, an extended-stay hotel will cost you between NT $15,000 and NT $80,000 for a month, which comes down to NT$ 500 to NT$ 2700 per night, whereas a regular hotel can cost you around NT$ 3000 per night.

Amenities usually provided by an extended-stay hotel

Here are some examples of special features that an extended-stay hotel in Taiwan might have:

  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Multi-room suites
  • Built-in kitchens (with utensils and other appliances)
  • Laundry facilities or in-room laundry machines (washer and dryer)
  • Swimming Pools and gym
  • Outdoor space (patio)
  • Parking
  • Proximity to public transportation (buses, MRT) and to highways
  • 24-H counter service
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What’s the Best Way to Find an Extended Stay Hotel in Taiwan?

There are different ways to do this. One easy way is to simply use your internet browser and search for “extended stay hotels Taiwan” (or the city you plan to stay in) and go through the results. You should find options that are suitable for you. If you are a business traveler, you can also ask the company you will be working for in Taiwan to help you book one. This can simplify the booking process.

mrhost has access to many extended-stay hotels in Taiwan, so business travelers or anyone looking for an extended-stay hotel can look through their platform. You will save money and time in the process.

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Deciding between an extended stay and a regular hotel will come down to your preferences and the amenities you think you might need during your stay. However, as you have seen in the details above, extended-stay hotels provide you with more benefits in terms of features, flexibility in booking, and prices for a longer stay.

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