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Nuit Blanche Taipei 2023 is set to illuminate the art scene once again in Taipei City. Scheduled for October 7th, starting at 6:00 PM and running until the morning of October 8th, this year’s Nuit Blanche Taipei will take place in the Xinyi District under the theme”起義吧.” With the artistic action code ‘3, 6, 9’ as its centerpiece, the event will feature 3 major venues, 6 themes, and 9 highlights. The activities will encompass live performances, nocturnal art installations, and street performances, all aimed at engaging the public and transforming Taipei into an art hub.

What is Nuit Blanche Taipei

“Nuit Blanche Taipei” is a nighttime art festival introduced to Taiwan in 2016, with Taipei as the host city. The event aims to bring culture and art to the streets, breaking away from traditional art exhibition formats, and encouraging interaction between art and the public. Nuit Blanche Taipei features three distinctive characteristics: free participation, nighttime scheduling, and grassroots involvement. The event is brimming with creativity, typically encompassing live performances, nocturnal art installations, street performances, and more, attracting art enthusiasts and citizens alike to enjoy a night that seamlessly blends art and culture.

The core idea of this event is to bring art to every corner of the city, allowing people to appreciate diverse art pieces at various urban landmarks. It has also sparked creativity within Taiwan’s art and culture scene. Nuit Blanche Taipei has become a highlight of Taiwan’s cultural and artistic landscape, drawing a large number of visitors each year to participate in and experience this vibrant and charming art extravaganza.

Key visual of Nuit Blanche Taipei
Source: 【Nuit Blanche Taipei 2023 Facebook Page】

Nuit Blanche Taipei in Xinyi District: 3 Major Venues

This time, Nuit Blanche Taipei 2023 will utilize three locations as its central hubs: National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei City Council, and Taipei City Hall. These venues will link Taipei together, turning it into the largest art square in the heart of Taipei City! Additionally, they have extended special invitations to venues like the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei 101, ATT 4 fun, and others to participate in the celebrations. As a result, in these locations, you can also enjoy exclusive mini-events for Nuit Blanche Taipei 2023!

Taipei 101
Source: 【flickr, Wei-Te Wong】

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Nuit Blanche Taipei in Xinyi District: 6 Major Themes

Nuit Blanche Taipei 2023 will feature six major themes, with global issues at its creative core. Renowned French photographer JR and Brazilian artist Néle Azevedo have been invited to join the conversation on international perspectives regarding these global matters. An experimental art park, designed by the Atelier Ping Pong team, will showcase both local and international artists, providing an art experience that is truly priceless. 

The event will encompass various forms of street art, including graffiti artists, comedy stand-up shows, dance parties, music concerts, and other expressions of free street art. The council chambers will be transformed into theaters, while the city hall lobby will turn into a late-night Live House, offering everyone a glimpse into the takeover of government offices. Additionally, there will be an overnight film exhibition right on the expressway, and organizations such as the Taiwan Raptor Research Association and Greenpeace will be invited to address issues related to the welfare of animals in the economy.

Nuit Blanche Taipei in Xinyi District: 9 highlights

Being the grandest art event, the artworks within Nuit Blanche Taipei naturally take the most prominent spotlight. This time, based on six major themes, they bring forth nine astonishing pieces for everyone to marvel at:「 the Inside Out Project, a photography initiative involving thousands of citizens」;「 the Minimum Monument, representing the tiniest memorial」; 「Live Painting at a dizzying 20 meters high by four top graffiti artists, providing 24 hours of uninterrupted graffiti」; 「an art park experience that money can’t buy」;「 the Starry Night City Hall」;「 the Unboxing at the City Council」;「 the Cat Mayor’s Office, where cats take over the mayor’s office during the occupation」;「 the Taipei Grand Ballroom」 and 「the Expressway Cinema」.

Nuit Blanche Taipei in Xinyi District: 2023 Nuit Blanche Taipei  Market

In addition to the installation art of Nuit Blanche Taipei, there’s another must-attend event this year, and that is the “Black and White Market” located around the National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Just as the name suggests, the merchandise and food items sold here will predominantly feature black and white colors. If you get tired from wandering around, remember to come here to recharge your energy. October 7th is all about having a blast all night long!

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